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Thank You Internet...for these incredible, edible geodes

It's your weekly round-up of internet eye candy. Crack open a giant chocolate filled with sugar crystals.

It's your weekly round-up of internet eye candy. Crack open a giant chocolate filled with sugar crystals

Thank You Internet... for these incredible, edible geodes

6 years ago
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It's your weekly round-up of internet eye candy. Crack open a giant chocolate filled with sugar crystals.

Phil Leung curates the best of the web for Exhibitionists. Click your way through the five best things he saw online this week.

Baking rocks!

Eat your heart out, Kinder Surprise. There's some serious treasure inside these enormous chocolate eggs. Two culinary students from New York, Alex Yeatts and Abby Lee Wilcox, spent six months creating edible geodes, and they're cracking these unnatural wonders on Instagram. Drool over the rock candy crystals inside.

Do you take gold coins?

Cocktails, not mushrooms, are on the menu at this Super Mario-themed bar in Washington, D.C. Decorated to look like you've stepped into the classic NES game — with question blocks and even animatronic Piranha Plants hanging from the ceiling — it's a retro paradise, and visitors are sharing pics under the hashtag #cherryblossompub. It's game over on April 15, though. The bar is just a temporary pop-up organized by The Drink Company.

For a case of the feels, follow this artist on Instagram

Phil discovered Brazilian street artist Alex Senna on Instagram, and as he says in the video, Senna's black-and-white murals about family and friendship bring heartwarming cheer and whimsy to every neighbourhood they appear in.

Have you seen these Canadians?

Toronto cartoonist Evan Munday will tweet a picture of an unsung Canadian hero every day this year. If you missed the first four months of his tweets, follow the hashtag #365Canadians for daily hand-drawn heritage moments. CBC's 2017 team recently got the origin story behind the project.

365 movies in less than three minutes

From one 365-day art project to another, this compilation video shows just how well an artistic challenge can pay off. Every day of 2016, Pete Majarich designed a new movie poster for a classic film, and this video is a supercut of all his work. Phil's a fan — and he's probably been been binge-watching movies ever since finding it.

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