Seeding the Future: Students share original art and performances inspired by 21 Black Futures

The next generation of Black Canadian talent responds to the theatre anthology series with an eclectic mix of art and performance.

The next generation of Black Canadian talent responds to the theatre anthology series

Rhiannon Hoover performs a piece in response to Omega Child, one of the monodramas featured in 21 Black Futures. (@rhiannonxhoover/Instagram)

21 Black Futures, the new anthology series from Obsidian Theatre and CBC Arts, lays out a vision for the world to come. But here's the thing about the future: it's never-ending. So there's something kind of appropriate about what's going on with the program: it's already launched its own spin-off series. 

Introducing Seeding the Future, an eclectic mix of art and performance inspired by the stories found in 21 Black Futures. To create this digital project, Obsidian Theatre and CBC Arts partnered with folks from two notable theatre programs (York University and Brock University), and a call was put out to Black Canadian students. Who would be up to the challenge of creating an original work inspired by the show?

Emerging talent from around the country answered the call, and between now and March 8, they'll be revealing their original submissions on social media. Seven new works will debut every Monday until then, and to enjoy them all in one place, we'll collect them here on the site. 

Watch Seeding the Future and discover the next generation of Black Canadian talent. 

Season 1

isi bhakhomen (@isi_bhakhomen) on The Death News

Teri Blades (@alexeri_97) on The Sender

Cassandra Henry ( on Beyere

Larissah Lashley (@larissahlashley) on Witness Shift

Caitlyn MacInnis (@caitlynmacinnis) on Sensitivity

Paris (Unlimited) Molokwu (@parisunltd) on Jah in the Ever-Expanding Song

Emily Radcliffe (@21blkfutures_emily) on Madness with Rocks

Season 2

Nia (Nini) Osei (@nini__o) on Georgeena

Dante Jemmott (@dantejemmott) on Rebirth of the Afronauts: A Black Space Odyssey

Doriane Irakoze (@dorianeira) on Umoja Corp.

Audny-Cashae Stewart (@audnycashae) on Emmett

Sid Malcolm (@sidmalcom_) on Notice

Kaelan Bain (@kaelanbain) on Blackberries

Hannah Yvonne Williams-Griffiths (@jene.cestquoi) on Special

Season 3

Soji Cole (@soji.cole) on Yen Ara Asaase Ni/This Is Our Own Native Land

Quinlan Green (@quinlan.green_) on The Prescription

Rhiannon Hoover (@rhiannonxhoover) on Omega Child

Megan Legesse (@megsventures) on Cavities

Marie-Jude Salomon (@sheismariejude) on Builders of Nations

Paul Smith (@freshprinceofstittsville) on 40 Parsecs and Some Fuel

Clara Val-Fils (@Cassinissimo) on Chronologie

21 Black Futures is on CBC Gem. Watch now!

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