RM Vaughan

RM Vaughan is a Canadian writer and video artist. Vaughan is the author of many books and contributes articles on culture to a wide variety of publications.

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Let's stop debating if comics are art — they are. And this exhibit celebrates their complexity

THIS IS SERIOUS gives comics the kind of big, smart, institutional survey show the genre deserves — but not for the expected reasons, i.e. to "validate" their existence. 

Say Yes to My Dress! If you're David Bateman's friend, you may end up in this gender-bending project

Bateman's latest project is both a consideration of gender — its alleged norms and (de)constructs — and a loving tribute to the people in his life.

Artist Jamie Ross is a witch — and he's using his practice to help prisoners improve their lives

The Montreal-based artist uses witchcraft to confront injustice and violence in Quebec's correctional system.

This 60-foot installation turns Chinese-Canadian cuisine into a monumental metaphor

JJ Lee's extraordinary rice paper scroll explores the hybrid cultural identity of Chinese-Canadians — including her own family.

Ambera Wellmann wants her paintings to have 'a subconscious of their own' (and one just won $25K)

The Nova Scotia-born, Berlin-based artist is the winner of this year's RBC Painting Prize — and her layered work takes an enormous amount of patience.
Point of View

Is 'The Shining' a secretly Canadian story? Homegrown writers reflect on its 40th anniversary

40 years after the book's release, its hybridizing of social realism and the supernatural — revolutionary at the time — makes it feel like a core text today.

'Less different, more alike': This versatile collective uses art to find global common ground

Blue Republic's miniature monuments to instability and fleeting beauty appear increasingly fragile — much like democracy and civilized discourse itself.

Mr. Montreal: If Richard Burnett doesn't attend your event, it might be said that it never happened

For 25 years now, Richard "Bugs" Burnett has written about Montreal's culture scene with a diligence and tireless energy that has helped shape the city.

Night of the living dead: This cheeky artist is collaborating from beyond the grave

Cole's latest project is a "threesome" he has constructed with two dead artists: multimedia artist David Buchan and legendary painter Tom Thomson.

This filmmaker is racking up international accolades — and it's all thanks to Fredericton

Robert Gray's accomplishments are taking him all around the world, but none of it would be possible without his tight-knit New Brunswick community.

To live his life as an artist, photographer Corey Glass must stay in exile

After he escaped the war in Iraq and failed to gain political asylum in Canada, Corey Glass found his calling in Berlin.
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POINT OF VIEW: Who makes up the 1%? In the arts, it's the bureaucrats

The economic disconnect between artists and culture-crats is so profound now that we can only talk about the two groups as living a class apart.
In Depth

In praise of dilettantes — er, polymaths — like August Kopisch

Last month, Berlin’s Alte Nationalgalerie opened August Kopisch: Painter, Poet, Discoverer, Inventor, a thorough and highly entertaining survey of the works and life of one of Germany’s most beloved, and kooky, artists.

Nina Levitt's installation about a WW II-era female spy is breaking Torontonians' hearts

Toronto artist Nina Levitt’s latest work — a wall-sized recreation of a death notice sent to the parents of a British Special Operations agent — sits in the street level front window of Public Studio, a local art gallery.

Never read the comments: notes from 25 years of art criticism

Twenty five years ago this April, my first bit of art writing appeared. I still think of myself as an "art writer" and not a "critic," because everybody hates critics. However, this distinction — only ever employed by me — has hardly saved me any skin.