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Canadian Screen Week

Filmmaker Grace Glowicki on breaking norms and the secret to shooting 13-15 pages of script a day

Canadian Screen Week

How Tracey Deer faced the trauma of living through the Oka Crisis to bring her film Beans to life


How Yung Chang turned 300 hours of footage from Wuhan's early pandemic into a gripping documentary

Canadian Screen Week

Simply the best: Noah Reid on Schitt's Creek's swan song and its enduring heart

Canadian Screen Week

Writer and filmmaker Charles Officer can do anything — and he's got the CSA nominations to prove it

Point of View

We played a game of truth or dare to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Madonna's iconic documentary

Canadian Screen Week

How Emily Andras and the team behind Wynonna Earp built their own magical world


This new docuseries is helping trans and non-binary people 'Shine True'

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