Rachel Mutombo

Rachel Mutombo is an actor and writer based in Toronto, Ontario. She is a recent graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s acting program, where she first discovered her passion for activism in art. Rachel firmly believes that art has the power to change the world. In her spare time she enjoys challenging societal norms and defying boundaries placed on her because of her race and gender.

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Real estate company forecasts Montreal home prices will continue upward trend in 2020

Royal LePage predicts that Montreal will see the highest aggregate home appreciation of any major Canadian city this year.

Jacob, 8, wanted a Toronto Maple Leafs cake. The bakery used the Maple Leaf Foods logo instead

Jacob's family picked up the cake from a bakery on their way to a Montreal hockey arena for his eighth birthday party Saturday. To their surprise, instead of the NHL team's logo, atop the cake was the logo for Maple Leaf Foods.

Mother convicted in Shafia daughters' canal killings granted 5-hour escorted absence from prison

The woman convicted for her role in the so-called "honour killings" of her three daughters and her husband's first wife a decade ago has been granted an escorted temporary absence from prison to visit her mother's grave.

Mile End record stores uncertain about future as they face fines over business hours

"We're trying to operate with best intentions and spirits and lawfulness in our community, and we're having a hell of a time," says one record store owner.

'Shockingly bad' Montreal wizard-themed event has magic fans wanting their money back

"So many people were dressed up amazingly, but no one is happy," says a YouTuber who was one of hundreds who shelled out $50 to attend what promised to be a night out of the Harry Potter universe.

English Montreal School Board files legal challenge to Bill 21

While Quebec's controversial secularism law invokes the Constitution's notwithstanding clause, the clause does not apply to Section 23, which protects education in minority languages, nor to Section 28, which guarantees sexual equality.

How Montreal is reducing lead exposure from water pipes, and what you can do now

The City of Montreal is going ahead with replacing old lead pipes connecting the city's water system to private residences and will give homeowners up to 15 years to pay for the work.

How the City of Montreal plans to go 'zero waste'

In its plan for the management of residual waste over the next five years, the City of Montreal is proposing a new "social contract" with residents and businesses, inviting us to change how we view waste and consumption.

Montreal wants to bar grocery stores from throwing food in trash

With more than half of what winds up in the city's landfills made up of organic material, the city wants to reduce waste "at the source."
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How seemingly small acts can cause long delays in Montreal's Metro system

Many of the delays were caused by clients dropping items or holding doors open, but others are more memorable — such as when three Metro lines were shut down for 44 minutes during rush hour after pepper spray was discharged on a train.

After one week on the road, Montreal 'not satisfied' with Lime e-scooters

While most of the scooters are staying above ground, many are not being left at one of their 239 designated parking areas.

Montreal police investigating after report alleges fraud at Jean-Talon Market

A mass resignation of the board of the non-profit corporation that manages Montreal's public markets appears to be linked to fraudulent and illegal activity outlined in a report by the City of Montreal's comptroller.

West Island developers send legal notice to Plante administration over Great Western Park

Developers are asking for a refund on the municipal taxes they have paid on the residential land, compensation for "thousands of hours and millions of dollars" they've invested and damages.

Finance minister wants Equifax, Transunion to offer credit freezes for all Quebecers

Finance Minister Eric Girard announced his plan to regulate credit bureaus on Wednesday. It comes following a series of high-profile data breaches this summer.

Montreal grapples with privacy concerns as more Canadian police forces use facial recognition

The technology uses banks of images, such as mugshots and government-issued IDs, to map a geometric pattern on an individual's face that can be used to compare against other images.