Q·Q with Tom Power

Tegan and Sara on the challenge of changing direction in both life and art

Singer-songwriters Tegan and Sara (The Con, Crybaby) tell host Tom Power about changing direction in your life and in your art, their frustration with how twins are depicted in the media, and what they think when they look back on their career so far.

The Canadian pop music duo talk about what they think when they look back on their career so far

A woman with short brown hair stands next to her identical twin in a light wood-panelled room.
Tegan and Sara pose for a photograph in Toronto, on Sept. 9, 2022. (Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press)

Singer-songwriters Tegan and Sara Quin are charting a new creative course heading into the future — while also looking back on their life.

The duo talk about their latest album Crybaby, and the new Amazon series based on their lives called High School. They tell host Tom Power about how they've changed direction in recent years — from how parenthood has led Sara particularly into a new type of creativity, to how even when they're singing the same songs together, they can often interpret the meaning of those songs very differently.


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Interview with Tegan and Sara produced by Mitch Pollock.