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Pandemic Diaries

Journalism is more important than ever — and we can't let the pandemic destroy the industry

Writer Matthew Hays has seen his field jeopardized time and time again, and he's issuing an urgent warning about the threat it's facing now.

Met While Incarcerated: This new documentary profiles women who sought love with imprisoned men

"This documentary is ambiguous in that I don't have the answer. I do know you don't understand mercy until you have to give it or need it yourself."

The wild story behind Quest For Fire — the oddly Canadian film that narrowly avoided disaster

Elephants trained like mammoths. Erupting volcanoes. Fake languages. Prehistoric sex. How did they make it out alive and to the Oscars?!

Sex, subversion and self-acceptance: 'Peter Pansexual' flies you to a campy adult Neverland

This ain't Disney. Glam Gam Productions' sex-fuelled Peter Pan reimagining is all camp on the surface — but it has an important message at its heart.

Chucky attacks Winnipeg! The serial-killing doll wraps his seventh film in the Great White North

Filmmaker Don Mancini explains why the Manitoba winter was the right fit for the latest instalment in his campy horror series.

With Canada's oldest hospital shutting down, this documentary commemorates its role in history

For filmmaker Annabel Loyola, the Hotel-Dieu was "the heart of Montreal" — so she decided to channel her sadness into a cinematic tribute.

Reel art: This Montreal filmmaker is repurposing celluloid to create film light boards

Richard Kerr's "celluloid weaves" give new life to old film strips — and some of the most striking ones are on display now.

Canada's most famous embattled prom queen is getting the musical treatment

Fourteen years after Marc Hall fought to bring his boyfriend to the prom, their story is hitting the stage.

Hold on to your butts: These 100 Montrealers spent a night at the museum in the nude

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts invited folks to immerse themselves in the erotic work of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe — while naked.

Postcards from the edge: This collectable series parodies Montreal's tourism imagery

The postcards feature images of trash-strewn streets, strange graffiti, piles of garbage in the snow, potholes and abandoned buildings.

How the Edmonton Fringe revolutionized Canadian theatre

It seems like a perfect moment to reflect on this awe-inspiring annual event — one which has had an undeniably huge impact on Canadian theatre.

New documentary cracks the culture of cults

Montreal-based filmmaker Mia Donovan is completely frank when talking about her latest film, Deprogrammed: "In the end, nothing was clear."

Why do Fringe Festivals have such a huge amount of sexual content?

Flipping through a Fringe program is often a bit confusing. Is this a guide to a theatre festival or a new psychedelic edition of The Joy of Sex?

Considering the Claude Jutra scandal, one week later

It was one week ago today that news spread of a new book about Quebec filmmaking icon Claude Jutra. And yet, it feels almost like an eternity. If the scandal has now placed Jutra's personal legacy into the trash bin of history, perhaps the most amazing thing about the way things unfolded is the sheer velocity of the scandal.