March Mercanti

As a young child, March Mercanti would play with his action figures for countless hours because he was obsessed with telling himself. Currently, March is a filmmaker living in Toronto, ON. He works at CBC Arts creating documentaries for artists across Canada.

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Year in Review

Looking back at the great Canadian art of 2018, alphabet style

Presenting the A to Z of the past year at CBC Arts.

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Laura Thipphawong triumphs over darkness by channeling it into these mysterious paintings

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A grandmother's devotion: Pacita Labayen Aliermo turns her junk mail into beautiful divine art

Artist April Aliermo has mounted over 800 of her grandmother Pacita's devotional artworks using more than 10,000 paper clips.

Toni Hamel fights for the underdog with her surreal and subversive paintings

Her work shows people, nature and unusual props in uncanny relationships with each other and with the world.