March Mercanti

As a young child, March Mercanti would play with his action figures for countless hours because he was obsessed with telling himself. Currently, March is a filmmaker living in Toronto, ON. He works at CBC Arts creating documentaries for artists across Canada.

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COVID Residencies

Stuck isolating in an Ivory Coast hotel during the pandemic, Maliciouz created three massive murals

For the Montreal artist "walls are like canvas" — luckily the hotel had some blank ones.
COVID Residencies

Alex Coma's massive celestial tapestry uses sacred geometry to 'manifest the future'

What do you get when you combine spirituality, celestial interest and art? The human temple of Alex Coma.
COVID Residencies

In need of some guidance right now? Audie Murray is creating an entire tarot card deck by hand

The multidisciplinary Métis artist has been making a card a day to help ground herself.
COVID Residencies

A tattoo artist's quarantine story: Everyone wanted toilet paper but Liz Kim wanted eggs

While she couldn't tattoo, she painted hand fans — and used them to create odes to her most treasured quarantine scarcity.
COVID Residencies

Think you're making the most of your patio? These artists converted theirs into a printmaking studio

Vancouver artists Sara-Jeanne Bourget and Mark Johnsen lost their studio but now work in a small outdoor oasis.
COVID Residencies

'It's just me and my crazy puppets': Enter the surreal isolation of muralist Danaé Brissonnet

When you think it's getting weird…it will only get weirder.
COVID Residencies

Actor Sarah Swire is turning character prompts from her followers into fun Instagram story skits

With acting cancelled for the indefinite future, Swire is taking a new online path.
COVID Residencies

Artist Laura Dawe is making sense of this moment by scrapbooking — and you can too

Memory can be blurry, but documenting life in real time can help you understand it in the future.
COVID Residencies

Finish him! With art supplies in NL running low, Lily Taylor is making papier mâché wrestlers

COVID-19 has limited the number of supplies being shipped to art stores in St. John's — but she isn't letting that hold her back.
COVID Residencies

Zoe Si is an illustrator (and a lawyer!), and she's drawing concise and witty isolation cartoons

"I truly believe that the best way to deal with a hard situation is to turn it into something funny and then laugh at it."
COVID Residencies

COVID Residencies: Jeremy Lewis welcomes us into a very personal space...his sketchbooks

“The biggest value for art right now is on an individual level and for someone to sit down with themselves at a table and just put a couple marks down on a page."

How Solange Knowles helped this Diggstown star find a seat at the table

For Vinessa Antoine, there's only one way to start the day: listening to Solange.

Noah Reid stole our hearts with his Schitt's Creek serenade. Here are his favourite love songs

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the actor — who plays Patrick to Dan Levy's David — shares his favourite love songs with us.

This new opera brings Shanawdithit's story out of colonial textbooks and into living history

Indigenous and settler artists collaborated to tell the story of the last surviving member of the Beothuk people.

Have you ever had a recurring nightmare? This art might be for you

Troy Hourie's immersive installation Apparitions is based on a recurring nightmare he had as a child.