Lucius Dechausay

Lucius Dechausay is a video producer at CBC Arts, as well as a freelance illustrator and filmmaker. His short films and animations have been screened at a number of festivals including The Toronto International Film Festival and Hot Docs. Most recently he directed KETTLE, which is currently streaming at CBC Short Docs.

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Poetic License

'Canadians are known for saying sorry but never meaning it': One poet's call for racial justice

Des Mckenzie examines "the Canada no one wants to believe exists."

As a Black father, raising a daughter through protests and a pandemic is the greatest challenge I've faced

We’ll eventually have a vaccine against COVID-19, but we’re no closer to immunity from the police.
Opening Up

After many sleepless nights, conceptual artist Erika DeFreitas may have found peace in her latest project

DeFreitas turned the Hail Mary prayer into a practice of meditation using an old typewriter.
Opening Up

Why an image of a burning police station ignited a fire in artist Khadijah Morley

Morley takes us inside her home studio as she works on a print confronting anti-Black racism using hand-carved linoleum in a traditional linocut process.
The Move

Acro has helped Michaela Beck rise above — literally — the hate she's faced as a young trans dancer

She's shaken off the "low-vibers" with the help of her mom, dance coach, and unconditionally supportive teammates.
The Move

Tap may not be as popular as it once was, but 17-year-old Mats Nixon is on a mission to change that

...and you can help his dreams come true by letting him teach you the paradiddle, one of the genre's most foundational moves.
The Move

To 9-year-old Izzy Watson, dance is a blessing — and he's ready to spread the gospel of Dancehall

He wants everyone to share in the feeling of exuberance that dancing gives him.
The Move

Nothing makes Wyatt Moss feel more free than dancing — even when people are unkind to him about it

"Dance, to me, is an escape — an escape from everything. It just completely soothes my soul."
The Move

At only 10 years old, Raptors dancer Roman Pesino already has moves fire enough to light up an arena

He's a very little guy with very big dreams — and an astounding amount of swag.
The Move

Theland Kicknosway is breathing new life into Indigenous dance — and it's healing his entire family

The 16-year-old hoop dancer is carrying on traditions that his parents were denied while offering up his own spin (literally).
The Move

How 11-year-old Tessa Kozma learned to fly in the Grand Jeté — and soar toward perfection

She's dedicated her young life to her craft, including a full summer spent in residence at the National Ballet School.
The Move

Meet Ethan Burden, the prince of popping who's taking dance to new levels

Watch as he contorts his body to teach us how to do The Wave.
The Move

She's only 12 and has already danced with Bieber and Ellen. Learn Khiyla Aynne's fav move: The Woah

"I can accomplish anything. I got my goals on my vision board."
The Move

School's out, but class is in session. 9 incredible young dancers shine on The Move 3: Kids, out now

Ranging from 9 to 17 years old, the third season of The Move features some of Canada's most fresh-faced dance heroes all at the beginning of their origin stories.
The Move

See the move, be the move. Introducing the next generation of dance in The Move 3: Kids

From hoop dance to hip hop, 9 performers — all under 18 — break down the stories behind their moves.