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Looking back at the great Canadian art of 2018, alphabet style

Presenting the A to Z of the past year at CBC Arts.

Presenting the A to Z of the past year at CBC Arts

(CBC Arts)

As we come to the end of 2018, we want to reflect on the past before we soar into the future...or walk. Walking is chill.

This video highlights the work of some insanely talented Canadian artists from across the entire country that we were so fortunate to highlight. From A to Z, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Which letters can you relate to?

Watch the video:

From A to Z, there is a little bit of something for everyone. 1:47

You can learn more and watch the full short documentaries that relate to each letter in the links below!

A: Attitude

Toni Hamel fights for the underdog with her surreal and subversive paintings.

B: Bizarre

In need of a monster alter ego? Ian Langohr is the artist for you.

C: Carve

719 days and counting: Annyen Lam's papercutting project has shown her that the process is more important than the product.

D: Drag

Canada's a Drag: The time has come for our drag performers to sashay into the spotlight.

E: Explosive

Eggs bring life. Grenades bring death. These Fabergé grenades, created by Dave Krovblit, reveal their uncanny similarity.

F: Focus

He's an award-winning wildlife photographer — and he's only 13. Josiah Launstein takes you on a shoot with some bighorn sheep and shows off some serious camera skills.

G: Grace

This breathtaking photography will make you wish you were a ballet dancer. Photographer Karolina Kuras tells CBC Arts about how her childhood love of ballet inspired her visual arts career.

H: Handmade

You might find this kid's art pretty scary, but he politely disagrees. In this video, you'll meet Callum Donovan Grujicich in his studio and on one of his foraging trips with his brother — and see why the 12-year-old's sculptures are turning heads.

I: Inventive

Winston Hacking's collages turn old ads into psychedelic fever dreams.

J: Joyous

What does it mean to be a lion womxn? To be courageous enough to be yourself. When these 12 women and non-binary youth came together, it wasn't hard to find the love in the room.

K: Kinetic

Spend a summer day making a beautiful mess with the internet's favourite spin artist. Callen Schaub brings his skills out of the studio and into our art-making space at the CBC Music Festival. 

L: Lust

Pansexual, polyamorous and posthuman: Jessica Sallay-Carrington's sculptures are smashing stigmas. These powerful sculptures also contain graphic depictions of sex — don't say we didn't warn you!

M: Move

Watch every episode of The Move, a six-part CBC Arts series that dives deep into the unique movements and inspiring personal stories of acclaimed Canadian dancers.

N: Nocturnal

Ian Langohr is giving you the lowdown on how to make a huge costume for your holiday antics.

O: Odd

Sheep thrills: How a Canadian dance troupe went viral by going seriously method as barnyard animals. Believe ewe me, the performers in Les Moutons are raising the baaaaaaar.

P: Pow Wow

Meet A Tribe Called Red's secret weapon: the pow wow dancers electrifying their shows. Angela Miracle Gladue and Matthew Wood talk hip hop, regalia and why pow wow dancing in clubs is important.

Q: Queer

How Toronto Pride Grand Marshal Vivek Shraya found her own identity through exploring her mother's.

R: Radical

Canadian performance artist Cassils brings their graphic show The Powers That Be to Los Angeles.

S: Skeletal

Being jailed and intimidated for his Lagos street performance hasn't stopped Jelili Atiku's protest. See his extraordinarily striking performance against Boko Haram in the Lagos episode of Interrupt This Program.

T: Transform

We enter the multiple-personality mind of photo performance artist 2Fik, who creates elaborate photo montages to explore identity, gender and image.

U: Unison

This dancing 92-year-old has access to the fountain of youth...we suspect. Dorothy Gordon has become the inspirational compass for the massive dance piece Le Grand Continental.

V: Voguing

"Feels like an honest form of dance": how voguing helped Twysted find his place as a black gay man.

W: Wondrous

A massive magical ice castle has grown in Edmonton — and you can go inside. "Ice farmer" and lead artist Cory Livingood is taking you through the steps to make a 30,000-ton ice castle.


In our Extremely Online times, Kaley Flowers's screen-addict ceramic figures are bizarrely relatable. (You probably look like one of these slouchy guys right now as you look at this on your laptop or phone.)

Y: Yes

Yes you should follow us at @cbcarts.

Z: Zoom Out

A secret location, a ton of driftwood and a mastodon: meet the artist bringing them together. Guthrie Gloag will tell you why he built it, but he won't tell you where it is.

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