Lise Hosein

Lise Hosein is a producer at CBC Arts. Before that, she was an arts reporter at JazzFM 91, an interview producer at George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. When she's not at her CBC Arts desk she's sometimes an instructor at OCADU and is always quite terrified of bees.

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How Victor Quijada took his L.A. b-boy roots and created a whole new dance language in Montreal

RUBBERBANDance introduced an electrifying vocabulary of moves to the dance scene. Its creator breaks down how it all happened and what keeps him going.

'I've lived a life of pain': How Melanie Chikofsky has used her sculptures to heal

The Toronto artist uses small human figures, acupuncture needles and a sense of fragility to make the sculptures that help her fend off pain.

Four huge weather balloons and some summer dreams: Float away with this flickering vision in the sky

Artist Don Maynard had a vision of levitating his art among the clouds — and he's achieved it through Skeye Projects, an immersive video experience.

Neon has traditionally been a man's world — but Robin Clason is bending the rules

Neon bending takes a lot of practice, breakage and risk. But Clason is at the forefront of a group of women changing the game.

What we read in the news about Syrians focuses on violence. These musicians focus on healing

Nour Kaadan and Tarek Ghriri use their band Diar and their work with newcomer kids to create hope and healing with music.

How a 4-hour bevy of podcasts keeps me sane every week while I suffer through The Handmaid's Tale

From a huddled position on my bed, here's how I get through every episode with as little dying inside as possible.

75 film loops, 4 projectors, 2 buzuqs: This artist duo imagines a place they can never go

Due to the political situation, the Lebanese artists of Jerusalem In My Heart can't go to the city — so they channel its spirit into what they create.

After a stroke, Sheri Bakes lost the ability to visualize images but gained a new way of making art

Her condition — aphantasia — has inspired a new way of painting.

Facing an illness, Madeline Mackay felt her body turning against her. So she made art...with meat

"It helped me, anyway, to build a healthier relationship with my body." (Warning: contains graphic imagery.)

Michelle Olson's new choreography honours loss, dreams and the transformations of women

In Gathering Light, Olson is imagining women who are on a journey to step into their own power.

It was the first all-African American opera. And now, Treemonisha is getting new life

A remarkable group of people have gathered to reinvent a production that was groundbreaking in its own time: Scott Joplin's 1911 opera, Treemonisha.

Through dance, Justin Many Fingers is channelling the strength and resilience of Indigenous women

In OKOTOKS, he returns to the story of the 1870 Baker Massacre — and the legacy of one of its survivors.
Art Hurts

Get inked (temporarily!) by two extraordinary Canadian tattoo artists at CBC Music Festival 2019

Let two of your Art Hurts faves, Tee Fergus and Ilona Fiddy, make their mark on you at the festival with non-permanent materials and steady hands.

Neon bending is about as hard as it looks. Meet the Montreal artist mastering it

For street artist Five Eight, neon bending is a new part of a multifaceted art practice. But he's using the craft to take his graffiti and make it 3D.
Art 101

What are artist residencies and why do you want one?

This week, Professor Lise (not really a professor) tells us about artists who pick up their practice and temporarily transplant it somewhere else.