Lise Hosein

Lise Hosein is a producer at CBC Arts. Before that, she was an arts reporter at JazzFM 91, an interview producer at George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. When she's not at her CBC Arts desk she's sometimes an art history instructor and is always quite terrified of bees.

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Paper Cuts

We're mesmerized by the paper cutting and folding magic of Pauline Loctin

Using two basic origami folds, artist Pauline Loctin (a.k.a. Miss Cloudy) has managed to make paper sculptural, mystical — and entirely hypnotizing.

At home with Haviah Mighty: Why everything begins with family for the Polaris Prize winner

In her Brampton home, she opens up about performing with her sisters — and what family, and history, mean to her music.
Paper Cuts

For artist Christine Kim, paper cutting is a direct line to mystery — and tension

Christine Kim uses drawing, erasing and paper cutting to make works about the spaces between people we cannot cross.
Paper Cuts

Kelly Pousette had a fear of the forest, but her paper cut dioramas helped her find joy in the wild

"Now when we go hiking, I see them as these peaceful beautiful places that they are."

6 things you need to know about Stan Douglas, Canada's representative at next year's Venice Biennale

The celebrated Vancouver creator's work is unrepentantly smart and incredibly layered, and he'll be the first Black artist to take over the Canadian Pavilion.

With this print, Shuvinai Ashoona captures the 'breath and soul of the earth' at Peggy's Cove

Ashoona feels the landscape deeply, and she formed an intimate relationship with the rocks, trees and sky while making art in Nova Scotia.

In snowy Yellowknife, Old Town Glassworks is transforming waste into beautiful objects

Matthew Grogono and his team transform old bottles using a variety of tools, as well as the inspiration of the forest, animals and the aurora borealis.
Print's Not Dead

Our graphic past glorifies labour. Artist Ericka Walker shows us just how complicated an idea that is

In Walker's new print, a respect for physical labour co-exists with the recognition that agriculture is tied up in environmental destruction — and colonialism.
Print's Not Dead

Jordan Bennett infuses living Mi'kmaq history into every inch of this dazzling print

For his work at NSCAD's famed lithography workshop, Bennett looked to a Mi'kmaq tradition: porcupine quillwork.
Print's Not Dead

Why Ed Pien collaborated with the Atlantic Ocean to make his ghostly new print

In making his new print for NSCAD's famed lithography workshop, Ed Pien looked to the wolffish, the Atlantic Ocean...and ghosts.

Every butt has a story to tell. Here are 1,001 of them

Vulnerability can help to tell a powerful story. That's what photographers Émilie Mercier and Frédérique Marseille are doing with their project 1001 Fesses.

Derek Sullivan's new print blurs the line between his life as an artist and a bibliophile

All his life, he's been fascinated by books. So when he was challenged to make a print for NSCAD's lithography workshop, he went straight to the bookshelf.

There's a fairy village in the woods of Callander, Ontario — meet the 82-year-old behind the magic

With the help of her sister, Edna Scott has created the fairy village that allows her to re-imagine a difficult childhood into a whimsical one.

Charlotte Durnford-Dionne lives in a city full of characters — that she drew to feel at home

She hasn't been in Toronto that long — so she's made it her own space by grafting her drawings onto it.
Print's Not Dead

The Indigenous practice of tufting infuses Amy Malbeuf's practice, her new print — even her hands

Tufting is a three-dimensional art, made with caribou and moose hair. Malbeuf takes you through how it works and why it was the subject of her new print.