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Guess it's time to update our story on Drake's art collection...

Also in the newsletter: Super Queeroes! Artist residency envy! Fresh eye candy!

8 artist residencies to make you seriously regret your summer plans

Be jealous — very, very jealous — of the Canadian artists who've done them.
Hi Art

In this week's newsletter, stories with a strong pro-Raptors bias

Also, things that have nothing to do with the Raptors: Seth Rogen's ceramics, Orville Peck and more.

'Live action could never have created these worlds': Amanda Strong on her latest film, Biidaaban

How Leanne Betasamosake Simpson's writing inspired a story of magic and resistance. Watch Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes) on CBC Gem.

How do you turn a painting into a podcast?

That's no riddle. Claire Scherzinger created a sci-fi saga based on her artwork, and here's why.
Hi Art

Last year was fun, so let's try this again: What's your favourite place to see art?

As a companion to our travel guide series "I He(art) My City" we're featuring your hometown picks in the newsletter this summer.

For kids, it's the biggest score ever. For adults, it's a thoughtful critique of museum practices

July 5, a mob of children is going to loot a small-town gallery. At least, that's the plan. Go inside Sameer Farooq's The BOOP Museum.
Hi Art

What's the deal with art museums selling off their collections?

That and more in this week's newsletter!

These objects spark joy...and pain, and other heavy feelings

The Museum of Broken Relationships is coming to Toronto this summer, and here's how to contribute, no matter where you live.
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In the newsletter: Banksy, Tilda Swinton and other things that are not Game of Thrones

...but also a story about Game of Thrones.
Museum Guide

Who knew quilts could be so inspiring? An artist's guide to the Textile Museum of Canada

'It's an extraordinary resource' — Emily Jan on her favourite place to see art.
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Keep those Art 101 ideas coming!

Now, get your hands on this week's newsletter.
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In the newsletter: Send us your questions for Art 101!

Plus, photos from the Venice Biennale, Chromatic Festival and the best of CBC Arts.

Saying goodbye to a Toronto superhero

After five years, The Pitiful Human-Lizard is ending — but the city isn't the same as when it started.

A 'self-serve' store is opening inside Toronto's MOCA, and everything's made by ordinary locals

It's not a gift shop — it's an Honest Shop, and it opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art this week.