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What you missed in the newsletter: Exhibitionists heads to Ottawa

Plus, explore Alberta's biggest and weirdest attractions in our latest web series.

You've changed since 2016. We all have. And this show will force you to look in the mirror

Tech has rewired humanity, say curators Douglas Coupland and Shumon Basar. Welcome to The Age of You.
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What you missed in the newsletter: TIFF talks, super dogs and an excuse to shop for office supplies

All that plus the week's top stories and a heap of eye candy.
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In the newsletter: A new Netflix obsession and other things that have nothing to do with what I'm bingeing

Plus, the week's top stories and your usual helping of eye candy.

Devastating photos from the dying days of Honest Ed's

Toronto's weirdest landmark is now a symbol of rapid development. In her new photo book, local artist Kristan Klimczak captures its final years.

The artists who work in literal dumps and the places that pay them to do it

Oh, they love trash! What happens when you give artists the key to the city sanitation department?
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In the newsletter: I don't want summer to be over, but...

Have you seen what's coming to Nuit Blanche? That plus our favourite links of the week.

She canoed to Thunder Bay in a big Victorian dress — and the trip's not over, yet

Why is Naomi Harris 'paddling in the footsteps' of a 19th century painter? After last summer's 70-day canoe adventure, the artist is prepping an upcoming show.

In the newsletter: Short Film Face Off and In the Making return

Plus, eye candy and other morning announcements.

Medicine Hat is hell ... so of course this artist loved it

Abandon all hope, ye who click here. Explore Lindsay Montgomery's "Hycroft Hellware."
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In the newsletter: short reads from the long weekend

Visit a 'teeter-totter' border wall. Discover a thrift store masterpiece. Plus, the best of CBC Arts.

Seth Rogen, Brad Pitt...and you: Why is pottery having a moment?

Clay classes are selling out all over Toronto. It seems the stars are just like us.
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In the newsletter: Pottery stories that Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio (and you) will love

Do you even glaze, bro?

Blown away by Blown Away? Fact checking the new Netflix reality series with Canadian glass artists

It's a competition for glassblowers. Yes, glassblowers. And these ones like it a lot.
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In this week's newsletter: Reader recos from Vancouver

Your picks could appear in next week's email! Tell us about the best places to see art in your hometown.