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Leah Collins is the Senior Writer at CBC Arts.

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Stuck at Home

Stuck at Home, we tried 'conceptual art for dummies'

Here's your chance to "get creative" with the world's biggest art stars.
Stuck at Home

If you can't go to the theatre, spend a night by the phone

Stuck at Home with the Corona Variations, a play about life and love in the time of coronavirus.

How to make your own ink from foraged spring plants

Even if you're confined to your own backyard, hundreds of colours are waiting to be bottled.
Stuck at Home

Here's what happens when you sit for an old-timey photo over Zoom

Screen Time is so much more than a portrait session. Stuck at Home, we signed up for this conceptual art project.
Stuck at Home

This is what happens when two people who are kind of trash at making stuff try online art classes

Bad art, good times? We spent a week trying out lessons from Isolation Art School.
Art Apart

Miss your friends and favourite places? Go for a bike ride with this immersive storytelling project

Make Me an Alleycat lets you build your own adventure while staying connected to your closest pals.
Stuck at Home

6 phone calls, 1 solution to the quarantine blahs

Stuck at Home with CBC Arts and The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries — theatre designed for social distance.

DIY masks, hand sanitizer, street art: Canadian museums are already documenting life during COVID-19

How do you record the history of a pandemic while you're busy living through it?
Stuck at Home

This is what happens when you sign up for phone calls from quarantined strangers

Stuck at Home with CBC Arts...and Quarantine Chat. We tried the app/art project made for a global pandemic.

One website, dozens of Canadian galleries: New project lets you take a 'Field Trip' from home

COVID-19's inspired a ton of virtual arts content. This website aims to bring you the country's best.

Coping with COVID through comics

Keeping a visual diary helps these artists fight anxiety and stay connected, now more than ever.

This art show was made for the internet, and it's answering our most burning question: Well Now WTF?

You're invited to opening night. Bring your own bottle...and Zoom background.

These Canadian photographers are capturing life during COVID-19, one family (isolation) portrait at a time

'Partly an art project, partly a mental health break,' the movement is spreading through the north.

She made this massive installation about infectious disease...and then COVID-19 happened

Magdolene Dykstra's Polyanthroponemia is about our connection to the planet and each other — an idea that has new meaning in a global pandemic.

A long and entirely subjective list of creative challenges to get you through COVID-19

Trying to keep busy during quarantine? Join the club — these clubs.