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Kings, queens and in-betweens: Watch the entire third season of Canada's a Drag right now

We're back! Watch an all new season of our docuseries showcasing Canada's finest drag performers.

We're back! Watch an all new season of our docuseries showcasing Canada's finest drag performers

Season 3 of Canada's a Drag premieres Friday, Feb. 7 on CBC Gem. (CBC Arts)

Following two highly successful seasons, the CBC Arts docuseries Canada's a Drag returns with a 10-episode third season that highlights a diverse array of drag kings and queens (and in-betweens) from Victoria to Moncton and everywhere in between. Providing an all-too-rare showcase for alternative drag performers (many of whom would not be eligible for Drag Race due to their gender identity), the show continues to prove that drag doesn't always need to be a race: in Canada, we run together.

You can watch the entire season right here, right now. The series — which kicked off in 2018 with nine episodes in its first season and another 12 in its second — brings our total to 33 performers from 13 different Canadian cities. We know all too well there are dozens and dozens of worthy folks we haven't gotten to yet, as well as many communities. Give us time! And for now, enjoy this next batch, which comes via the work of series producers Mercedes Grundy and Peter Knegt, who worked alongside a tremendously talented group of filmmakers from all across the country to make this season come together: Kelly Conlin (Victoria), Josephine Anderson (Vancouver), Gabriel Yee (Lethbridge), Tamarra Canu (Edmonton), Lucius Dechausay (Toronto), Caitlin Durlak & Andrew Moir (Toronto), Istoica (Toronto), Ashley Duong (Montreal) and Matthew Brown (Moncton).

It's thanks to them — and a whole lot of very talented folks who worked with them — that you're about to be taken on an eleganza extravaganza through the true North strong and fierce.

Watch all the episodes below!

Episode 1: Mx. Wolverine, Toronto

A shapeshifting midnight tease, Indigiqueer burlesque and drag performer Mx. Wolverine is using their two-spirit identity to politicize and sexify stages across Canada.

Episode 2: Francheska Dynamites, Lethbridge

After emigrating from the Philippines to support their family, Francheska Dynamites found love — and drag stardom — in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Episode 3: Rose Butch, Vancouver

Vancouver's premier non-binary "drag thing," Rose Butch offers a style and sensibility that channels theatrical dandyism in their pursuit of gender euphoria.

Episode 4: Chiquita Mare, Moncton

A sexually empowered, outrageous version of a happily divorced Acadian aunt, Chiquita Mare uses drag to shed light on issues that exist in the Acadian diaspora.

Episode 5: Charli Deville, Montreal

No one is pushing drag kings into the mainstream quite like Charli Deville, who uses impersonations of Justin Bieber and Freddie Mercury to spotlight a new kind of masculinity.

Episode 6: Sapphoria, Edmonton

Edmonton's self-professed "miniature monster," Sapphoria is a middle finger to cisnormative society wrapped in a hairy, glittery little box with a big ol' bow on it.

Episode 7: Fay and Fluffy, Toronto

Toronto drag duo Fay Slift and Fluffy Soufflé have become a beacon of light for young hearts and minds with their essential drag storytimes.

Episode 8: Shay Dior, Vancouver

Mother of the House of Rice — an iconic all-Asian drag family — Shay Dior is an androgynous drag performer who strongly advocates for queer Asian visibility. (Warning: video contains flashing images.)

Episode 9: Vivian Vanderpuss, Victoria

Victoria's quirky cat mother and solution to the rat problem, avant garde drag artist Vivian Vanderpuss serves elaborate looks that are truly out of this world.

Episode 10: Mikiki, Toronto

Raised by wild lesbian wolves in Newfoundland, activist and drag artist Mikiki has a secret weapon for effecting change: The Golden Girls.

Thank you for watching the third season of Canada's a Drag! Revisit the first two seasons here, if you're not quite ready to sashay away.​