It's the best thing to come out of the MET Gala, so take a second to appreciate the CanCon involved

We can't stop watching this Instagram video of Celine Dion — and that's OK because it turns out it's extremely Canadian.

We can't stop watching this Instagram video of Celine Dion — and that's OK because it's extremely Canadian

Because we strive to bring you the best in Canadian culture, here is a breathless blog post about that time Celine Dion starred in an Instagram video directed by someone born in Toronto. (Getty Images)

Call it a double-double — the best thing about this week's MET Gala coverage was a Canadian twofer. So even if you've already scrolled through the red carpet galleries and the memes — and more red carpet galleries and more memes — try to pretend Canadians think patriotic duty is a thing, summon some of that stuff up for 15 seconds...and behold this glorious video.

That's Celine Dion, clad in Atelier Versace and feeling every second of her first trip to the MET Gala more than any human being has ever felt before. As she reminds us in this video, she is still a Canadian pop icon — an international pop icon — and yet still very comfortable pretending her phone is a shoe.

Hello? Celine? It's the world. We can't stop watching this.

So that's one point for CanCon. The second?

The video was directed by Gordon von Steiner. He's something of a go-to guy for fashion films, with clients including Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Vogue — for whom he art directed this wondrous future Heritage Minute. (He collaborated with art studio Sila Sveta for the magazine's MET Gala Instagram booth.)

He was also, by the way, born and raised in Toronto — and his reaction to the video is as perfect as the pride of Charlemagne, Quebec's three-octave range. Quoth von Steiner: "Celine Dion left me shook."

So, there you have it: two points for CanCon, which is all the reason we needed to share this with you in blog post form. Enjoy it on loop, as the CBC Arts office has since Monday night — and maybe check out CBC News' MET Gala fashion galleries while you're at it.