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Why Divya Mehra didn't want In the Making to shoot footage of the Taj Mahal

Before the team travelled to India to film with her, she had one very important request.

Before the team travelled to India to film with her, she had one very important request

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Divya Mehra's work is both hilarious and heartbreaking. The Winnipeg-based artist works in video, sculpture, installation and text to tackle the constructs of diversity, colonialism and the impacts of racism. After being nominated for the Sobey Award (Canada's largest contemporary art prize) last year, her star is on the rise.

An artist of the Indian diaspora, Mehra pushes back on stereotypical definitions of who she is and what her work symbolizes.

In her own words: "How can I have a conversation about something as complex as race and representation? If you...joke about it, I think it creates a space for a lot of people to enter and then think about what they're laughing at."

In this clip from In the Making, she explains why she requested that the production team of the show not shoot the Taj Mahal while filming in India.

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In the Making: Divya Mehra [clip]

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Why the Winnipeg artist didn't want to contribute to more Taj Mahal imagery. 0:51

For Mehra the Taj Mahal is many things. "When I think of the Taj's a stunning piece of architecture, it's a sacred space, it's a mausoleum. It's also a space that thousands of tourists go to every day and pose in a variety of different ways."

"It becomes a backdrop for what is South Asian culture so that it looks like you're the dominant object in it."

Mehra says she doesn't want to add to this imagery. "And we also want people to think about how that imagery functions — what it represents, who it's speaking to and why it exists in the way that it does."

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"It'll be really wonderful to be in that space and then not look at the thing that everybody is talking about."

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