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Why dancer Dana Michel embraced Blackness in her work after avoiding it at first

A powerful personal realization helped her fearlessly explore issues of race and identity.

A powerful personal realization helped her fearlessly explore issues of race and identity

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Dana Michel has captivated the world of contemporary dance, but she's by no means a conventional performer. Part improvisation, part physical comedy, part performance art, Michel's work is experimental and daring. She fearlessly explores issues of race and identity — themes drawn from her own experience.

In this clip from In the Making, Michel discusses what initially drew her to dance, as well as explaining why she was reluctant to include issues of race and Blackness in her work prior to her dance piece Yellow Towel.

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Dana Michel on becoming a dancer

3 years ago
Canadian dancer Dana Michel speaks to In the Making's Sean O'Neill about the process of becoming a dancer and bringing race into her work. 1:28
Yellow Towel was the first moment that I was like, 'Oh, I've been doing this hiding thing.' I didn't totally realize I was doing it.- Dana Michel on becoming a dancer

When she started making dance in her 20s, she didn't want to be seen through the frame of her race. "I had been making 'don't block me into my Blackness' work because I'm obviously more than that," says Michel. "And the boxing was happening anyway. And so I decided to box myself in."

For her, the personal catalyst behind the change was thinking about having a child one day and realizing she wanted to feel more connected to Black history. In 2013, she premiered Yellow Towel — a visceral solo piece exploring her relationship to Blackness. The title refers to the towel she wore on her head as a child to emulate her blonde-haired classmates.

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