In The Making

This fall, our new series In the Making goes in-depth with 8 of Canada's most vital creative voices

Featuring Lido Pimienta, Dana Michel, Adrian Stimson, Crystal Pite, Shelley Niro, Curtis Talwst Santiago, Divya Mehra and Chilly Gonzales.

The immersive journey inside the creative process premieres Friday, September 21

In the Making is an immersive journey inside the creative process. The documentary series follows host Sean O'Neill across the country and around the world alongside some of Canada's leading artists as they bring new work to life and face pivotal moments of risk and reward. Premiering Friday, September 21, all eight episodes will be available to stream immediately on the CBC TV app and, with individual episodes broadcasting weekly each Friday at 8:30pm (9pm NT) on CBC.

Watch the trailer:

Each episode follows an artist from across the creative spectrum — visual art, film, music, dance, theatre — with a unique approach to art-making and something to say about the world. Sean visits artists at home, in studio, backstage, and in the field, giving viewers rare access to intimate creative spaces and inspiring moments of realization.

Who you'll see on In the Making:

Toronto-based musician Lido Pimienta recording her new album in Colombia.

Vancouver choreographer Crystal Pite saying goodbye to a masterwork in Los Angeles.

Visual artist Adrian Stimson healing historical trauma with AA Bronson on Siksika Nation.

Montreal dancer and choreographer Dana Michel performing at the Venice Biennale.

Montreal-born musician Chilly Gonzales beginning a new chapter in Paris.

Mohawk photographer and visual artist Shelley Niro publishing her life's work in Germany.

Edmonton-born visual artist Curtis Talwst Santiago reframing histories in Portugal and New York.

Visual artist Divya Mehra challenging racism and the effects of colonialism in Winnipeg and Delhi, India.

In the Making premieres Friday, September 21 on CBC TV and