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Spotting a Black knight in a Renaissance painting was endlessly inspiring for Curtis Talwst Santiago

"I just kept trying to zoom in on this pixelated image to see this knight. Is he really a Black knight?"

'I just kept trying to zoom in on this pixelated image to see this knight. Is he really a Black knight?'

Detail of Chafariz d'El-Rey (1570-1580), a painting by an unknown artist.

Curtis Talwst Santiago is an artist who is breaking through. Born in Edmonton to Trinidadian-Canadian parents, he's become known internationally for his Infinity series: vintage jewel boxes that he fills with tiny dioramas, creating worlds that explore history, fantasy and Black identity.

Recently, Santiago began expanding his frame. He's creating paintings, drawings and sculpture, and he's relocated to Lisbon, Portugal. While there, he's researching histories of Black royalty, Moorish dynasties and his own ancestral heritage.

In this clip from In the Making, Santiago travels to a palace outside of Lisbon to see a painting that has captured his attention since first seeing it online two years earlier.

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Curtis Talwst Santiago visits a painting that inspired a creative journey

3 years ago
In the clip from In the Making, Curtis Talwst Santiago sees Chafariz d'El-Rey, a painting in Portugal that caught his eye online and inspired a whole body of work. 3:34

The painting he's there to see is "Chafariz d'El-Rey (The King's Fountain)", a Renaissance painting by an unknown artist depicting Moorish Portugal sometime around 1570-1580. In this painting is a figure of a Black knight riding a horse that caught Santiago's eye and sparked a creative curiosity that has inspired the whole body of work he has been making in Portugal. "I just kept trying to zoom in on this pixelated image to see this knight — to be like, is he really a Black knight?"

There was another detail that tied him to the painting: "Finding out that he's wearing the Santiago of the Red Cross and my last name being Santiago."

"And there's something so romantic about this painting."

In the clip above from Santiago's episode of In the Making, host Sean O'Neill explains: "Much of what we know about the reign of The Moors is discovered in works of art and although the artist of this painting is unknown it tells us a lot about the Lisbon of its time." Santiago is struck by the new non-pixelated details he's now able to see.

"My understanding of the painting becomes dramatically different when I can actually see the interactions going on," he says.

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A little cluster of social interaction in the painting catches his attention. "These two men here are making conversation. I'm drawn to these moments of mixed race interaction where there doesn't appear to be a hierarchy. These are things you can't tell until you see it."

In person, the knight is still a powerful force in the painting for Santiago. "I could stare at him forever."

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