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Lido Pimienta's Polaris win broke barriers — but her fight against white supremacy roars on

Joins her in Colombia as she works on her new album in the premiere episode of In the Making.

Joins her in Colombia as she works on her new album in the premiere episode of In the Making

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Lido Pimienta is a force to be reckoned with. Her sound is as unique as she is — a mix of Latin beats and electro synths anchored by her powerful, singular voice. She's brash, she's brave, she's fearless and she's never afraid to speak her mind. This Friday, September 21st, Pimienta is the featured artist in our new series In the Making, where host Sean O'Neill joins her in Colombia where she's working on her new album.

In 2017, after a decade of hustling in the Canadian music scene, the Colombian-born, Afro-Indigenous artist broke through in a major way. She was named Artist of the Year by The Globe and Mail and won Canada's top music award, the Polaris Prize for her Spanish language album La Papessa. She was the first ever artist to receive the award for an album that was self-released and self-produced.

In this clip from In The Making, Pimienta discusses what winning the award means to her and what was going through her mind when she delivered her impassioned speech.

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Lido Pimienta reflects on her Polaris win

3 years ago
Duration 1:30
In our premiere episode of In the Making, Lido Pimienta reflects on her Polaris Prize win. 1:30

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