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Lido Pimienta on how the power of motherhood is in everything she does

In this clip from the premiere episode of In The Making, Pimienta discusses the fundamental importance of motherhood in her work.

In this clip from In The Making, Pimienta discusses the fundamental importance of motherhood in her work

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"I would define everything I do as the work of a mother," Canadian musical force Lido Pimienta tells host Sean O'Neill in the premiere episode of our new series In the Making.

Pimienta puts motherhood at the centre of her work and her outlook on the world. "When you feel for other people, or when you feel [a child's] soul and their heart like they are attached to your own body, you fight more and you're more generous and you have more sympathy and empathy and love."

"I am giving myself. I am putting myself out there as an offering."

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Lido Pimienta: the power of motherhood

3 years ago
In this clip from In the Making, Lido Pimienta discusses why motherhood is foundational to her work. 1:13

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