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As his alter ego Buffalo Boy, Adrian Stimson reclaims what was taken from Indigenous people

The two-spirit Blackfoot artist channels the energy of the slaughtered plains buffalo into art.

The two-spirit Blackfoot artist channels the energy of the slaughtered plains buffalo into art

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"Everything about the bison was used in our physical life and also our spiritual life."

As Buffalo Boy — a parody of Buffalo Bill — two-spirit Blackfoot artist Adrian Stimpson challenges colonialism with sly, fierce humour. A residential school survivor, Stimson lives on Siksika Nation in Alberta on the former gardens of the Old Sun residential school. Through his performance as Buffalo Boy, Stimson reaches out to grab the energy of the slaughter of the plains buffalo, mirroring his historic cultural history.

In this clip from In the Making, he discusses the role of the bison in his work and the impact of their slaughter on the Plains Tribes. 

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In the Making: Adrian Stimson's Buffalo Boy

5 years ago
Duration 1:37
Blackfoot artist Adrian Stimson subverts stereotypes with his performances as Buffalo Boy.

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"It was part of the Canadian government's plan to clear the plains of not only animals but people. Especially [for] the plains tribes who all relied on the bison, it was the surest and the quickest way to get rid of us — to starve us out."

"I started to think about that historical slaughter and how, at that time, these millions of animals were being slaughtered — all that energy was then sort of released into the universe. And so I started to think about that in the sense that as an artist, I'm able to sort of reach into that universe, grab that energy and bring it into myself."

Stimson sees his work as Buffalo Boy as part of this lineage of connection with the buffalo, saying the art feeds him. "The fact is I'm no different than my ancestors. I still live as a result of the buffalo."

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