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In the Making

Why Divya Mehra didn't want In the Making to shoot footage of the Taj Mahal

Before the team travelled to India to film with her, she had one very important request.

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In the Making

Spotting a Black knight in a Renaissance painting was endlessly inspiring for Curtis Talwst Santiago

"I just kept trying to zoom in on this pixelated image to see this knight. Is he really a Black knight?"
In the Making

Curtis Talwst Santiago on growing up Black in Edmonton and the impact of his parents' support

In his episode of In the Making, we follow the Trinidadian-Canadian artist to Portugal — but before that, there was Edmonton.
In the Making

Shelley Niro: 'I didn't want to follow the stereotypical journey of an Indigenous artist'

Niro's paintings, photography and films challenge representations of Indigenous women in Canadian culture.
In the Making

Dana Michel used to want to be in the Olympics — instead she won the 'Olympics of art'

The choreographer and dancer is the first Canadian to win the Venice Biennale's Silver Lion award.

Why big artists like Drake and Daft Punk love working with Chilly Gonzales

The Montreal musician says the power of harmony is the key to taking his collaborations in intriguing directions.

Why Chilly Gonzales calls himself a musical genius

"To be in touch with someone's wishes is to have a kind of intimate connection with them."
In the Making

Why dancer Dana Michel embraced Blackness in her work after avoiding it at first

A powerful personal realization helped her fearlessly explore issues of race and identity.
In the Making

Witness the beginning of a new artistic collaboration between Adrian Stimson and AA Bronson

Two very different family histories brought these artists together. Watch a clip from In the Making.
In the Making

As his alter ego Buffalo Boy, Adrian Stimson reclaims what was taken from Indigenous people

The two-spirit Blackfoot artist channels the energy of the slaughtered plains buffalo into art.

How Crystal Pite builds her striking choreographic phrases

The legendary choreographer shows In the Making host Sean O'Neill how she approaches building phrases in her choreography.

Why legendary choreographer Crystal Pite stopped dancing

Pite wondered if when she stopped dancing she'd lose the joy of choreography too, but now she dances through others.

Lido Pimienta on how the power of motherhood is in everything she does

In this clip from the premiere episode of In The Making, Pimienta discusses the fundamental importance of motherhood in her work.

Lido Pimienta's Polaris win broke barriers — but her fight against white supremacy roars on

Joins her in Colombia as she works on her new album in the premiere episode of In the Making.

All the reasons we're hyped for a new year of CBC Arts shows, smashed into one trailer

Season 4 of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists and new series In the Making both kick off Friday, Sept. 21 on CBC.

This fall, our new series In the Making goes in-depth with 8 of Canada's most vital creative voices

Featuring Lido Pimienta, Dana Michel, Adrian Stimson, Crystal Pite, Shelley Niro, Curtis Talwst Santiago, Divya Mehra and Chilly Gonzales.