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Interrupt This Program: Warsaw — Art Fighting Ultranationalism

In Warsaw a singer/songwriter, an actor/playwright, and a queer performance artist confront the rise of right-wing nationalism and state authoritarianism in Poland.

How to shoot TV in dangerous situations: Cultural sensitivity, confidence and sometimes armed guards

Interrupt This Program travels to cities under pressure to tell the stories of artists fighting back.

Meet Poland's Banksy: This Warsaw street artist is fighting back against hate crimes

Peter Fuss is bringing his message into the public sphere at a time when the country is grappling with rising hate and a surging far-right movement.

Interrupt This Program: Karachi — Creating Art Amid Terror

In Karachi an illustrator, a graffiti artist, a video artist, and an underground rap group defiantly persist in reclaiming their city despite the ongoing terror.

Taboo-breaking pop art: 'Women in Pakistan aren't as docile as people imagine them to be'

Karachi illustrator Samya Arif's work fights back against the stigmas faced by Pakistani women, instead portraying the real life experiences we often don't see.

Straight Outta Karachi: 'Rap music is required where injustice takes place'

Pakistani rap group Lyari Underground (L.U.G.) hails from Karachi's poorest district, and they speak to the struggles of the city's youth.

Interrupt This Program: Chicago — Artists Fighting Segregation

In Chicago a poet/rapper, a mural artist, an actor/writer, and a footwork dance crew empower their communities to fight the city's segregation problem.

This artist 're-enacts' violence on his canvases to symbolize the resilience of black Americans

Chicago artist Ervin Johnson created the series #InHonor as a response to killings of black people across the U.S., particularly from police brutality.

This Chicago muralist is empowering the next generation of Latina and queer women

Painting became a way for Sam Kirk to come out and talk about her identity. Now she's using it to celebrate mentors for others like her.

'America is resisting': Interrupt This Program creators on their first U.S. episode, in Chicago

This week's episode explores the city's diverse, politicized art scene responding to violence and segregation.

Interrupt This Program: Nairobi — Art Disrupting Corruption

In Nairobi, a political cartoonist, a hip-hop drummer queen, a filmmaker and a contemporary dancer challenge the corruption of an ossified political class.

Muthoni Drummer Queen plays drums she's not supposed to play as a woman and raps against corruption

Muthoni Ndonga, known as Muthoni Drummer Queen, is a singer, hip hop artist and percussionist merging traditional Luo drums with rap.

These puppets are fighting for free speech in Kenya

Nairobi's 'The XYZ Show' satirizes politicians in Kenya and abroad, and the show has "cemented the ground of free speech in this country."

Interrupt This Program: Jakarta — Art Defying Moral Conservatism

A feminist singer, visual artist, transgender performance artist, and the country's first female Muslim stand-up comedian struggle to preserve the increasingly restrictive space for free expression.

Indonesia's first female Muslim comedian is taking on religious extremism one penis joke at a time

Sakdiyah Ma'ruf's comedy "opens this place of play" to talk about being a woman in her community and cultural prejudices.

Inspired by Riot Grrrl, these women in Jakarta use zines to talk about sex, dating and 'the f-word'

As politicians call for the criminalization of homosexuality and premarital sex, these zines break taboos. Interrupt This Program airs Fridays at 8:30pm.

Interrupt This Program: Mexico City — Artists Breaking Apathy

In a city riddled by violence, a strong artistic countermovement is breaking apathy towards femicide and crime.

Shadow a Canadian photographer as he joins a search party for missing persons in Mexico

The story of Mexico's 43 students spurred photographer François Pesant to action. These pictures capture a country's violence and loss.

These coyote sculptures in Mexico are guiding migrants to safety

The sculptures — installed along known migration routes — house water bottles, feature route maps and have contact information for organizations that can help.

7 women are killed per day in Mexico. This collective is fighting back with art

Women Engraving Resistance is putting up hand-carved, screenprinted posters around Mexico City in solidarity with other women and to protest this violence.

'It's such a powerful time not to be silent': See how art can be a weapon on Interrupt This Program

The new season premieres October 13th in Mexico City followed by Nairobi, Jakarta, Chicago, Karachi and Warsaw.

A world in turmoil. Art to the rescue. Interrupt This Program Season 3 premieres Oct. 13

Visit the underground art scenes in Mexico City, Nairobi, Jakarta, Chicago, Karachi and Warsaw every Friday at 8:30pm on CBC TV and

Making a film in Cuba? 'You have to be a little bit of Don Quixote'

Havana filmmaker Miguel Coyula uses low-budget special effects to create amid Cuba's artistic oppression.

This Palestinian artist digitally erases the ground — full of landmines — under refugees' feet

Visual artist Mirna Bamieh on witnessing a dangerous border crossing: "I wanted to turn it into a land that was not burdened by history and politics and trauma."

An alien is shining love on Moscow 'like sunshine' to bring magic to its future

Andrey Bartenev wants to bring Russia's artistic history back in vivid colour. Catch up on Interrupt This Program before Season 3 premieres October 13th!