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Scene from Utopia Falls. As mentioned in Amanda Parris's column, Black Light, the sci-fi series premieres on CBC Gem Friday, Feb. 14. (CBC)

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I can't see the future, but I love it when other people pretend like they can. You know those throwback stories, the ones that dredge up a bunch of 50-year-old sci-fi predictions, so everyone can whine about the hoverbikes we were promised? Here's the 2020 batch. As for what you can stash away in the time capsule...Is this how 2020 will look? (From a graphic design perspective, anyway.) Will these be the big trends in art? (Spoiler: seems like more of the same.) Are these the game-changing movies? (You might have seen some of them already.) Will a robot resembling a test-tube meat product replace your pet kitty cat? (I don't actually want to know.) For more palatable predictions, skip to this week's featured stories. Amanda Parris has a few solid recos.

And because we promised you eye candy


Jason Zante's a graphic design student at OCAD U (who had a piece in Justin Bieber's L.A. art auction last month. No biggie.)


On the right, David Bowie (who would have been 73 this week). On the left, flowers by Harriet Parry. Her account's all about these side-by-side floral interpretations, and while it's definitely been around a minute, it remains an absolute scream.


So many artists on Instagram have been raising money to fight the fires in Australia, including Vancouver's Aimee Young, who promised to donate 100 per cent of her online sales to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) this week.


Montreal's Vickie Vainionpää posted this triptych oil painting, saying 50 per cent of the profits will benefit the Australian Red Cross. (More info on her Instagram.)


Kelly Pousette in Prince George, B.C. says she's making prints of this lil marsupial buddy in support of the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

You've got to see this

Get excited for 2020 - Amanda Parris relaunched her column with a brand new title this week. Say hello to Black Light. The first edition is a sneak peek at must-see TV and movies and books and theatre by Black artists. From Utopia Falls to Lovecraft Country, check out her picks.

Don't fence her in - Fences are all over the work of Melanie Colosimo, the Halifax artist you'll meet in this short doc. "The fences, for me, are about gender inequality," she tells us. "But I'm hoping that this work, using this simple subject matter, actually transcends that personal story and allows the viewer to bring their own lived experience to it." Take a closer look.

Pop songs and politics with Pearle Harbour - 2020 is going to be the year of Pearle Harbour. The Toronto-based drag performer (a.k.a. Justin Miller) is taking a new show on tour (Agit-Pop!), and it's a "jukebox spectacular of song, storytelling and sociopolitical tirades." Read all about it.

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Camille Charbonneau (@lacharbonne) - Camille's the illustrator who created the look for our special 2010s project. In a word, her work is popping.

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