In the newsletter: Short Film Face Off and In the Making return

Plus, eye candy and other morning announcements.

Plus, eye candy and other morning announcements

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Somebody get me one of those little glockenspiels. I feel like I'm doing morning announcements this week. First up, some news about In the Making. It's back for a second season Sept. 27! And this fall, the series is profiling a whole new squad of groundbreaking Canadian artists. We've got Rebecca Belmore! Beverly Glenn-Copeland! Jeremy Dutcher! (See the full list of episodes here, then get your first look at the Season 2 trailer.) We're planning a bunch of special screenings around the country to mark the occasion. Artists will be in attendance. Host Sean O'Neill, too. Full details are still TBD, but here's where and when to find an event near you.

Another returning show! Short Film Face Off kicked off this weekend, and this time around our own Amanda Parris is joining the panel of judges. Like every year before, though, the winner is ultimately decided by Canadian film nerds like you. Watch the premiere, and head back to CBC Gem every Saturday for new episodes.

And because we promised you eye candy


Lazy Sunday goals care of St. John's illustrator Lily Taylor.


Oh my gauze. Look what Benjamin Shine's been up to.


Art that reinvents "string cheese." (For second helpings, follow @ipnot.)

(Diana Lynn VanderMeulen)

Hit the App Store to explore Swampy GoGo, a Day-Glo universe you can explore in 360 degrees. Diana Lynn VanderMeulen's the Toronto artist behind it. (We last checked in with her a few weeks back to talk about the project that actually inspired the app, her AR filter "In Bloom.")

You've got to see this

Photograph the change you want to see in the world - Where are all the women in sports? They're not on TV, that's for sure. And since young female athletes aren't seeing themselves in the media, photographer Alana Paterson has a mission: she's putting them in front of the camera. Join her as she shoots with Emily Overholt, Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson and Haley Black of the Canadian swim team.

An artist's guide to falling in love with Thunder Bay - Next stop: northwestern Ontario, where local artist Kathy Toivonen will introduce you to this "urban oasis in the wilderness." Explore the shores of Lake Superior, check out her favourite arts centres — and order some sweet, sweet loaves of pulla from her favourite place for Finnish eats.

4 revealing takeaways from the new Toni Morrison doc - Toni Morrison died this week at the age of 88. Earlier this summer, a film about the Nobel Prize–winning author arrived in theatres (Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am), and CBC Arts: Exhibitionists host Amanda Parris absolutely raved about it. Here, she shares her favourite insights from the movie.

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(Lindsay Montgomery)

Lindsay Montgomery (@lindsay_s_montgomery) - Hell is a place on Earth, and it's roughly 300 kilometres southeast of Calgary. Kidding, kidding — but there is an old quote about Medicine Hat, Alta., being the trap door to Satan's home turf. So for a ceramic artist like Lindsay Montgomery, the place is basically paradise. Get a better look at the "Hycroft Hellware" she made there this summer. She told us all about the project.


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