If anyone asks why you're not going out on New Year's Eve, just send them one of these GIFs

New Year's Eve isn't for everyone. These GIFs are for you, anti-social friend, and they're all created by some of our past featured artists.

11 GIFs for introverts by Jeannie Phan, Scorpion Dagger, Phazed and more

What are you doing New Year's Eve? (Instagram/@jeanniephan)

New Year's Eve isn't for everyone. Some of us can count backwards from 10 without the help of a few dozen wasted friends and strangers, thank you very much. And even if you're not a confirmed introvert, a night out isn't worth splurging on a 30x Uber surge fare. Those three bottles of bubbly will taste just as sweet on January 1.

These GIFs are for you, anti-social friend, and they're all created by some of our past Exhibitionists in ResidenceScorpion Dagger, Martine Frossard, Phazed, Ginette Lapalme, Carolyn Tripp, Brandon Muir, Tierney Milne and Jeannie Phan.

If anyone starts texting about why you're not at the party, just send them one of these.

Maybe you're having a bedroom dance party.

Maybe you're planning on making out with a pizza at midnight.

Maybe you're quietly waiting for death.


One of these GIFs will capture the situation — and if not, at least you're not celebrating New Year's.


Ginette Lapalme

(Non-alcoholic option)

Scorpion Dagger

Martine Frossard

Carolyn Tripp

Jeannie Phan

Tierney Milne

Brandon Muir

One more thing to do while you're not going out on NYE: Catch up on ExhibitionistsWatch online.


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