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Icesis and Savannah Couture: These real-life brothers are giving Ottawa drag a jolt of sister queen realness

And guess who's their #1 fan? Their mom. Watch Canada's a Drag Season 2 now.

And guess who's their #1 fan? Their mom. Watch Canada's a Drag Season 2 now

Icesis Couture (left) and Savannah Couture in downtown Ottawa. (CBC Arts)

Icesis and Savannah Couture are just two of the many fabulous subjects featured in Canada's a Drag, a docu-series from CBC Arts that showcases drag artists from across the true North strong and fierce. You can watch all 21 episodes here.

When Randy Granados was a little boy, he really, really wanted an Ashley Tisdale High School Musical Barbie. 

"We weren't allowed to have that kind of stuff in our house," recalls his older brother, Steven Granados-Portelance, who at the time had already started coming to terms being gay. "So for Christmas I bought it for him."

Randy "completely lost his mind," and from that moment Steven suspected what their future as brothers had in store. 

"I knew it would be my job to take care of him and lead him into the gay community the proper way because I knew the hardships that come with it," Steven says. 

What he didn't know yet, though, was that the future also included the brothers joining forces to become Icesis and Savannah Couture — two of the fiercest drag queens Canada's capital city has ever seen.

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First came Icesis (a.k.a. Steven), roughly 11 years ago. 

"With a desire to be versatile in her drag aesthetic, one cannot label this queen," Icesis says of herself. "She has looks spanning from glam to club kid and you never know what you may experience. Her pure love for the art of drag, and the creative outlet it provides her, fuels Icesis to keep evolving and pursuing her drag career."​

Drag changed her life, giving her a chosen family and helping her come out of her shell.

"It has truly, overall, shaped me into the person I am today," she says. "Without drag, I'm not sure where or who I'd be."

Icesis is ready for her closeup. (CBC Arts)

For Savannah (a.k.a. Randy), it's clear that without Icesis, she's not sure where or who she'd be.

"What inspired me to become a performer was actually my drag mother Icesis Couture," Savannah says. "From the first time I saw her, I knew I wanted just an ounce of what she brings to the table. She herself definitely continues to inspire me and push for bigger and better."

Savannah describes her drag as "very 'Canada's sweetheart.' Cute, bubbly and always pink! You'll leave my performances with a sugar rush."

And so is Savannah. (CBC Arts)

If you find yourself at one of Savannah or Icesis's shows, you'll likely also catch a glimpse of their #1 fan: their mother. 

"She always knew that me and my brother were gay and always accepted us — but in her own way, secretively, because that's the only way that she could," Icesis says. "When she moved on from that situation [with our father], she was able to speak it verbally to us, and her way of doing that was coming to my drag show with my brother. Now I can't get rid of her...and it's so nice to have her be there and really see, essentially, what she has helped create." 

Should all drag queens be so lucky.

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