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Hi, art! It's the first edition of the CBC Arts newsletter

What's the team talking about this week? Say hello to sasquatch art and Iris van Herpen's alien fashion. More eye-popping arts and culture inside.

What's the team talking about this week? Say hello to sasquatch art and Iris van Herpen's alien fashion

Hi, readers! We've launched a newsletter. (CBC Arts)

Hello! You're reading the CBC Arts newsletter, and if you like what you see, stick around! Sign up here, and every Sunday we'll send you a fresh email packed with art, culture and a metric truckload of eye candy, hand-picked by our small and mighty team. Here's what we've been talking about this week.

First things first. This is the first ever CBC Arts newsletter, so congratulations on being an early adopter, new friend. Let's get ourselves acquainted.

We're calling the newsletter "Hi, Art." (Because puns.) And even if your name isn't actually "Art," we hope you come to think of it as your personal line to the team here at CBC Arts.

Every Sunday, you can count on getting a new note from us, one that's packed with links to art and culture — long-reads, short-reads, video about disruptive and diverse artists from here and abroad.

There'll be a few "greatest hits" from our website to catch you up on what our crew's been working on, but we plan to chat about our writers' and producers' current obsessions, weird and wonderful links that we think you'll like, too.

For instance...

  • Hatecopy fans: now's the time to book a trip to San Francisco. The Toronto artist's pop-art pin-ups are all over this new restaurant.
  • The Royal Ontario Museum's Iris Van Herpen exhibit opened last weekend, and don't tell Solange, but we know what we're wearing to the show.
  • This New Yorker feature from the fall is a comprehensive primer on the Dutch fashion designer's Xenomorph chic.
  • Bonus link! Here's a studio visit we did with Van Herpen's long-time collaborator, Toronto architect Philip Beesley. The robotic installations he's created for that ROM show are even more incredible than what you'll see in the clip.

    On now at the Royal Ontario Museum, Iris van Herpen Transforming Fashion and Philip Beesley Transforming Space. (ROM)

  • Seems we're not the only one itching to hang in a museum all weekend. Canadians are attending galleries and museums in higher numbers than ever before, according to a government survey.
  • Magical mystery beards! We re-created the rainbow fantasy world of artist of Jay Dart a few weeks back, and the Ontario artist has a new picture book on the way. He's launched a Kickstarter to get it published.

    Lookin' Fer Somethin t' Happen by Jay Dart is a piece of artwork inspired by The Tragically Hip for the That Night in Toronto Exhibit. (Jay Dart)

  • For anyone who remembers spending long summer days playing with sidewalk chalk, this'll take your hopscotch game to the next level.
  • Dreading the work week already? "Monday, You're Not So Bad."
  • One more little story for you. Like, really little.

  • You've got to see this

    More "Infrasonic Sasquatch" goodness on Instagram. Follow the artist at @wolfkitten. (Greg Allen)

    Bigfoot seen in Regina! - We followed painter Greg Allen into the woods on a sasquatch hunt. No, really. Only in SASQUATCHEWAN...

    Meryl McMaster. Dream Catcher, 2015. (Resilience Project)

    Road trip! - Billboards across the country will be showing artwork by some of Canada's greatest Indigenous women artists all summer. Take a look!

    Ready viewer one? (CBC Arts)

    Everything you've ever wanted to know about video games - Remember Doom? Maybe Civilization was more your jam? Seriously, though, this series on the history of video games is a major nostalgia trip, even if you've never touched a joystick.

    Follow this artist - Ola Volo @olavolo

    "Chanel," 2015. Catch up with the Vancouver-based artist in the latest episode of Art is My Country.

    That's it for now, but because email can be both sent and received, we're signing off with a question. 

    Who's the last artist you discovered online?

    Send us an email any time, and we'll do our best to respond.

    And, if your name is actually Art, we'd especially like to hear from you. Hit us up, Art. Sorry this email wasn't more personalized, new buddy, but we'll send you a CBC Arts tote bag to make up for it.

    Until next week!


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