Her heart will go on: How a 22-year-old Céline Dion learned to stay true to herself

We all know her today as a beloved Canadian icon — but back in 1990, she was still new to the English music market and trying to conquer an unfamiliar world.

Céline learned early on that in life, you can't have everything

In this video from the CBC Archives, Céline Dion shares the sacrifices she's made in staying true to her dreams. 0:57

In 1990, a then 22-year-old Céline Dion was still new to the English music market. With years of success already as a young French singer, she was hoping to connect with new audiences globally. We all know now how that story panned out — but take a look back at Dion talking about her focus in staying true to herself as she aimed for superstardom.

"In life, you can't have everything," she says. "I'm gonna stay [true to] myself. It's not because I'm doing an English album right now that I'm gonna have another style. If they feel that I have charisma, it's because on stage I feel so good. I can dance, I can cry, I can laugh, I can move, I can do everything I want on stage. I can be myself — I can communicate with the people."

Join us today in celebrating Dion's 49th birthday today. The beloved Canadian icon knew exactly she wanted and she made sure her dreams came true. We salute you, Céline!

For more throwbacks like this one, visit the CBC Digital Archives.

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