Nain Brass Band's music sounds like 'landscapes and elders'

The music on the album Nainip Tittulautingit brings up powerful memories for a trumpet player with the Labrador-based brass band.

Have a First Listen to Nainip Tittulautingit by the Nain Brass Band

Nainip Tittulautingit is the new album by the Nain Brass Band. (Photo courtesy Ossie Michelin )

The music on the album Nainip Tittulautingit by the Nain Brass Band brings up powerful memories for Darlene Holwell, a trumpet player with the Labrador-based band.

"It makes me think of the elders that are here today and that have passed on and who have loved to listen to us perform," said Holwell.

Nain, an Inuit coastal community in northern Labrador, has long had a relationship with music, inspired in large part by Moravian missionaries that came to Labrador decades ago. 

Have a listen to Darlene Holwell and album producer Mark Turner's conversation with Weekend AM host Heather Barrett.

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Heather Barrett is the host and producer of Weekend AM on CBC Radio One in Newfoundland and Labrador.