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Filmmaker Asil Moussa auditioned for her own movie

Asil Moussa auditioned for a role in her own short film The Card.

"I wanted to see how it would be, and I auditioned other people too."

Asil Moussa wrote, directed and acted in her short film The Card. (Photos by Jesse Hebert. Courtesy Asil Moussa.)

In a year when Bradley Cooper netted best picture and best actor nominations at the Oscars, starring in one's own movie isn't out of the ordinary. But Windsor-based filmmaker Asil Moussa didn't take the decision of casting herself lightly. She even forced herself to audition.

In an interview with Amanda Parris, Moussa opened up about her audition process. "I wanted to see myself on camera. I wanted to see how it would be, and I auditioned other people too." 

After consulting with her producer and casting director about her performance, Moussa decided she could take on the role of a woman who is accused of stealing a credit card. 

Moussa said it was not easy to see herself on screen. "I hate watching myself on camera. It's so awkward. You're like 'I do that with my face?'"

Despite the initial awkwardness, her casting instincts paid off and the finished film was selected to compete in the series Short Film Face Off. Moussa is currently co-writing a feature film, and while she won't share the plot points just yet she says, "I'm really excited to tell stories of complex relatable women and also people of minority." 

Watch the full film The Card and Asil Moussa on Short Film Face Off on CBC Gem.