What happens when the human body isn't the subject of the art — it's the medium?

From heart attacks to brainwaves, this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists is all about the body.

From heart attacks to brainwaves, this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists is all about the body

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Walk through any museum or gallery and there's one thing you're guaranteed to see: bodies. From Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical investigations to Rose-Lynn Fisher's The Topography of Tears, artists have been and continue to be obsessed with human bodies. And that's what we're going to obsess over the next 30 minutes when we explore what happens when the body isn't the subject of the work — it's the medium.

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Exhibitionists: S04E08 (clip)

5 years ago
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On this week's Exhibitionists: A performance artist channels Wayne Gretzky for 12 hours at Edmonton's Nuit Blanche and a light artist makes enchanting projections out of Amanda's brainwaves. Plus: how to design a tattoo with Yi Stropky.

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Radha Chaddah

(CBC Arts)

Radha Chaddah invited Amanda Parris to her Toronto studio to learn a bit about her art — and the science that turns brainwaves into mind-blowing images. Watch the video.

Thierry Marceau

(CBC Arts)

In 1988 Wayne Gretzky broke Edmonton's heart. This summer, the Great One came back — through art. Watch the video.

How to design a tattoo: Yi Stropky

(CBC Arts)

How do tattoos happen? Inking sensation Yi Stropky shows you how he creates his minimalist designs. Watch the video.

Trinley Dorje

(CBC Arts)

From strokes to heart attacks, Trinley Dorje uses art to make what happens to our bodies beautiful. Watch the video.

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Exhibitionist in Residence: Geneviève Lebleu

(Geneviève Lebleu)

We're going inside a psychedelic, alien life-form, and Montreal artist Geneviève Lebleu is the captain on this animated ride. Read our interview with this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

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