We asked this contemporary dancer to interpret five Olympic sports and, wow, he really went for it

Vancouver's Shay Kuebler took on the monumental task of dancing out some major Olympics events.

Shay Kuebler took on the monumental task of dancing out some major Olympics events

During a now-infamous weekly meeting in the CBC Arts lounge, somebody asked the fateful question: "What does Arts have to do with sports?" Here, gentle watcher, is your answer.

Skating. (CBC Arts)
Luge. (CBC Arts)

We went to the sportsiest artist we know and asked him if he could choreograph what five of the most thrilling Olympic events would look like in dance. We thought he would say no. He said yes.

Curling. (CBC Arts)

In this video, you'll see Kuebler's stunning routines to events from luge to freestyle skiing. Don't try it at home. (Like, literally. Kuebler's the only guy we know who can do this who's not at the Olympics right now.)

Freestyle skiing. (CBC Arts)

See the Olympics on your television (or other electronic device) right now. And see Shay Kuebler in Germany from March 3-10, because you were going to be there anyway.

Hockey. (CBC Arts)

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