Vancouver glass artist captures holiday magic with glass jellyfish and moons

Vancouver's Benjamin Kikkert brings magic and wonder to holiday display with his intricate blown-glass sculptures

Vancouver Glass Artist Benjamin Kikkert Creates Magical Glass Installations

8 years ago
Duration 3:44
In this video, we see Kikkert at work in his studio and get a first-hand look at how he creates his spellbinding glass installations.

Jellyfish, dragons, fire and moons aren't usually associated with the holiday season. But when Vancouver glass artist Benjamin Kikkert was commissioned to create an installation for Vancouver's Enchanted Nights holiday display, he broke away from the traditional candy canes and reindeer to create a spellbinding work of delicate glass art. Visitors enter the Bloedel Conservatory to see intricately-constructed glass dragons, while luminous glass jellyfish float in the darkness above. In this video, we see Benjamin at work in his studio and get a first-hand look at how he creates his magical glass installations.

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Producers: Mangla Bansal & Meagan Oravec
Director: Mangla Bansal
Editor: Meagan Oravec
DOP: Gabriel Boyko
B Camera: Devin Griffith
Sound: Peter Peng
Artist: Benjamin Kikkert
Artist assistant: Joseph Di Lorenzo

City of Vancouver Parks & Recreations Department

Bloedel Conservatory