Toronto's Maylee Todd takes fans into a virtual womb

Sometimes art feels like an invitation into an artist's mind. In this segment, Maylee Todd, the Toronto-based musician goes a step further in a presentation of work from her new album, Acts of Love.

Acts of Love invites fans into musician's body of work — literally

Toronto indie artist Maylee Todd takes fans into a virtual womb

7 years ago
Duration 4:04
You hope that when you experience art, it feels like the artist is inviting you into their world. In this segment, Maylee Todd, a gifted musician based in Toronto, goes a step further in a presentation of work from her new album, Acts of Love.

Maylee Todd's recent show opened with an attention-getting visual:

"You walk through a massive vagina and then you are inside my womb." 

The images, which were co-created by Todd and artist Roxanne Ignatius, were projected on the ceiling of Toronto's Great Hall while concert goers lay on their backs and observed. Todd took to the stage inviting fans in to "indulge in dropping the ego, your identity, become a fetus and enjoy a rebirth with this cosmic crew," which consisted of string players and vocalists who were playing Todd's new material for the first time as a group.

The former comedian and improv artist performed work from her upcoming album, Acts of Love, which will be released later this year. 

In this segment for Exhibitionists, Italian-born filmmaker Marco Libretti features Todd's newest work and the evolution of her chameleonic style.

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