Tom Power lets loose in a Cultural Speedround

When the CBC Arts team invited Tom Power into the studio for an instalment of Cultural Speedround, we had no idea that in just a couple of minutes, Power could reference Neil Young, Hoobastank, and Phil Spector - and it would all somehow make sense.

A Cultural Speedround with Tom Power

7 years ago
Duration 2:05
Tom Power answers the tough questions when CBC Arts grills him with a Cultural Speedround.

Tom Power's a bit of a CBC darling. He's one of the youngest people to ever host a national program for the network, he's an affable Newfoundland native and he knows a ton about Canada's music scene.

So we knew that when we grabbed him for a Cultural Speedround — where we pepper our willing victim with cultural questions — it'd be an intriguing session.

And Power didn't disappoint. He brought all of his insight (and arcane knowledge) to bear on questions from "Who's the artist you'd most trust to give you sage life advice after you found them in a cave?" to "What's our biggest misunderstanding about folk music?"

The answers are both delightful and, in one case, a little spooky.

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