This masterful origami artist can create a magical unicorn — out of one sheet of paper

Let Joseph Wu show you how to try and make a ruffled paper unicorn (though let's face it: it's not easy).

Let Joseph Wu show you how to try and make a ruffled paper unicorn (though let's face it: it's not easy)

Origami artist Joseph Wu shows you how to try and make a ruffled paper unicorn. Let's face it though — it's a really, really difficult feat. 2:34

Joseph Wu is a ridiculously talented origami artist — that's easy to say after you've watched him fold a unicorn out of paper. While in theory he's showing you how to do that in this video, his animals are the result of many years of practice and learning how to manipulate paper. So try it at home all you want...just don't necessarily expect perfect results.

In his process, Wu begins with what's called "elephant hide" paper and makes what seems like 4,000 folds before he begins to make the unicorn come to life. Mane, tail and hooves are all modeled out of the same sheet, giving the unicorn volume (and, maybe, increasing its magical power).

Joseph Wu with one of his creations. (CBC Arts)

While the unicorn might be advanced level, Wu does provide more explicit instructions to copy some of his creations on his website. Please post photos of your results and then head to the CBC Arts office to teach us how to do it too. 

Follow Joseph Wu here.

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