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This kid's costumes are next level — because 'who wouldn't want to be a cute fluffy stuffed thing?'

Winnipeg teenager Tyler Malissa Ritchot loves making art — and creating elaborate costumes is their biggest passion.

Winnipeg teenager Tyler Ritchot loves making art — and creating elaborate costumes is their biggest passion

Tyler Malissa Ritchot poses with their mascot heads. (CBC Arts)

Halloween is usually when most people struggle with making costumes — but for 13-year-old Tyler Malissa Ritchot, it's an absolute joy year-round.

Tyler first got hooked on costume-making when they saw tutorials on YouTube. Then, they attended a mascot-making workshop at Winnipeg's Art City studios, a community art space that gives young people access to the tools and resources they need to make their creative ideas into real stuff — like the kind of oversized costumes they now specialize in. "[It] just caught my attention instantly and I was like, 'I want one, so I'm going to make one.'"

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Art Kids: Tyler Malissa Ritchot

4 years ago
Duration 3:41
13 year old Tyler Ritchot makes incredibly creative costumes in Winnipeg.

To begin making a costume, Tyler explains that you need to have a character to base the suit off of. Then, you use a variety of materials, like foam, to start constructing the head and other parts of the suit.

Tyler's first character was Toxie, an anime-inspired cross between a bunny and a dog. They'd been developing the character since the beginning of Grade 6, constantly drawing in their schoolbooks — so they decided to turn Toxie into a full costume.

Out and about in Winnipeg, Tyler isn't shy about dressing up — the Toxie outfit attracts lots of positive attention. "I feel like anybody should be who they are," says Tyler. "I feel like everybody should be accepted."

Tyler creates their costumes at Art City in Winnipeg. (CBC Arts)
Tyler's inspiration comes from anime with a mixture of dark and cute themes. (CBC Arts)
Toxie is the character that Tyler started drawing in the sixth grade. (CBC Arts)
Tyler has been visiting Art City since they were four years old. (CBC Arts)

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