Thinking about mixing work and marriage? Talk to Shoot The Messenger's real-life power couple first

Sudz Sutherland and Jennifer Holness can definitely attest that writing and creating a TV show with a partner takes a lot of work, communication and talent.

Sudz Sutherland and Jennifer Holness go on an "interrodate"

Shoot The Messenger’s real-life power couple open up about the realities of creative partnerships

6 years ago
Duration 3:06
Sudz Sutherland and Jennifer Holness, the husband-and-wife duo who created Shoot the Messenger, interview each other about the dynamics behind their creative partnership.

Fans of CBC TV's Shoot the Messenger tune in weekly for a dose of plot twists — but what they may not know is that the creative force behind the series is a husband-and-wife duo who are collectively responsible for creating, writing, directing and producing the political crime drama.

Sound like a lot of work? Did we mention they are also raising three kids? But Sudz Sutherland and Jennifer Holness are both experts at balancing a whole lot of work with their personal life. Prior to Shoot the Messenger, they created the miniseries Guns and the television series She's The Mayor.

We wanted to know more about the dynamics behind such a successful creative partnership, so we turned the cameras on Holness and Sutherland. In this video, the couple interview each other via an interrotron camera. Invented by film director Errol Morris, the camera lets two subjects look directly at each other on a screen instead of at the camera lens. The result? We get to eavesdrop on a funny, warm and honest conversation between two partners in CBC Arts' first "interrodate."

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