These tiny characters are made out of glass and enamel — and Aurélie Guillaume's lifetime of memories

The Montreal artist talks about how a childhood in Martinique and losing her dad were driving forces behind making her work small, colourful and full of feeling.

A childhood in France and losing her dad were driving forces behind making her work small and full of feeling

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If you've been reading our feed for a little while, you've probably come across the name Aurélie Guillaume before — we're fans. She makes jewelry that can fit in the palm of your hand — brooches in the shape of characters who are angry, loud, colourful and unafraid to show you exactly how they feel (check out the one she made just for us in August, her interpretation of the CBC Arts logo).

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Meet the Montreal artist whose jewelry is imbued with a lifetime's worth of emotion. 4:05

What's behind all of this explosive colour, pattern and emotion? In this video by filmmaker Jorge Camarotti, Guillaume takes you on a tour of some childhood memories: the first time her mother gave her pen and paper to soothe her, the massive flowers and trees around her during her early years in Martinique and why small things became so important after she lost her dad. But lest you feel a bit wistful, rest assured — making art most definitely makes Aurélie Guillaume happy.

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