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These GIFs of wine, yoga and cats are the total opposite of 'basic'

Fanny Huard invents "strange worlds" by animating ordinary things. Get an eyeful of the GIFs we'll be airing on this week's episode of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists.

Fanny Huard invents 'strange worlds' by animating ordinary things

There is no joy without wine... or GIFs. Fanny Huard is this week's featured artist on Exhibitionists. (Courtesy of the artist)

Every picture tells a story, so what's going on in these ones?

Fanny Huard is this week's Exhibitionist in Residence, and a series of her minimalist GIFs will be appearing throughout the show.

As she tells CBC Arts by email: "I invent strange worlds."

She invents strange people, too. At least, we think they're people. But whatever they are, they seem to get along fine with zebras and cats and the occasional anthropomorphized cloud of dust.

Originally from La Seyne-sur-Mer in the south of France, Huard got into animation while studying graphic design at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She still lives in the city, working as an artistic director at the National Film Board.

Here, she shares the inspiration behind a few of the GIFs appearing on Friday's episode.


Inspiration: "Sharing."

"I made this one at UQAM while I was in Cath Laporte's class. It's inspired by this quote from Vincent Roca: 'La paix, c'est ce qui reste quand on s'est partagé le gateau,' or, 'Peace is what's left when we share the cake.'"

"It simply expects you to take what it gives you, and it gives infinitely because it's a GIF that loops over and over."


Inspiration: "They represent joy. As it says in the Talmud: 'There is no joy without wine.'"

"The characters are wine represented in different forms. They run because they are drunk; they are together because they are friends. They do not know where they are going, but it does not matter because they are happy, because they are all together. It's a party!"


Inspiration: "A black and white cat named Bandit. I took care of him for a few years, but now someone else does. I still love him very much."

"Cats are a little weird — we do not really understand them, we do not know what they think. They go about their lives, and we take care of them anyway."


Inspiration: "Yves Klein and the Headless Horseman."

"I would like to know what she is thinking and if she gazes at anything in particular."


Inspiration: "This guy comes from a short film called 'Miami' that I made at UQAM. You can see the story here."

"In life, we often hear the phrase, 'Ne faut jamais baisser les bras,' or, 'Never lower your arms.' It means that we should not be discouraged, and that we should not lose hope."

Find more from Fanny Huard at www.fannyhuard.com.

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