The Cybertronic Spree is a band of robots in disguise here to make your planet party

Hot Rod, Rumble and Arcee pause their epic missions to explain how a Transfomers band arrived on our planet — and why they're making new music.

Hot Rod, Rumble and Arcee pause their epic missions to explain how a Transfomers band arrived on our planet

(The Cybertronic Spree)

The Cybertronic Spree is a band that knows how to control a room. They play loud, they grab the audience's attention — and they also happen to be full-sized Transformers.

That's right — they're the toys from the 1980s who have spawned a universe of merch, movies and soundtracks. And that's where the band comes in.

Watch the video:

These robo-musicians are more than meets the eye. 4:10

As you'll find out in this video by filmmakers Marco Libretti and Kimiya Shokoohi, they sort of accidentally arrived in Toronto, and they quickly found out that playing cover songs from the soundtrack of the 1986 Transformers film drew crowds. (Their flawless costumes and 80s sound also helped.)

(The Cybertronic Spree)
On the surface people might look at us and think, 'Alright, this is a band that's all about partying and having a good time' — and they would be right. But much like what they say about Transformers: we are more than meets the eye.- Rumble

Now, the band is nearing their fifth anniversary. And along with a party they have planned in October to celebrate, they're releasing their own original music for the first time. As they'll tell you, writing songs among a group of your friends and nemeses is hard work — but it's paying off in the form of new power ballads you'll be hearing at their next shows.

(CBC Arts)
We are from a planet full of struggle and we come here to earth. And a lot of the earth feels like it's past the things we fight about on Cybertron; at the same time, there's enormous struggles here too.- Hot Rod
(The Cybertronic Spree)
A finely crafted rock song does take time to make, especially when there are eight creative sentient minds at work. It's gotta be bangin'.- Rumble
(The Cybertronic Spree)

Follow The Cybertronic Spree here, or see them on October 20 at The Rec Room in Toronto or November 2 at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI.

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