The art of connection: See how the little things bring us together on a new CBC Arts: Exhibitionists

In these divisive times, we've made this week's show all about what brings us together. Today's theme is connection.

In these divisive times, we've made this week's show all about what brings us together

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Connection is our theme today and it feels like a particularly relevant topic. Although we have access to more technology, transportation and means of communication than ever before, opportunities for real and transformative connection feel less and less. You might have 5000 followers on Snapchat and still feel like the loneliest person in the world. That's why today's episode is all about the things that bring us together.

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In these divisive times we've decide to make today's show all about what brings us together. Today's theme is connection. 1:20

In today's episode we see a classical violinist teaching music in a Greek refugee camp, a Calgary artist sharing tiny meals and a daughter honouring her mother through a surreal crocheted collaboration and more. Check out the stories you'll see in the episode below and stream the full episode now.

Tom Brown

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Tom Brown will give you all the feels with his community-building miniature food — which is actually edible! It's a way to connect and get people to reexamine their perception of the world around them. Watch the video.

Nadia Monczak

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For her 30th birthday, Montreal-based classical violinist Nadia Monczak decided to step out of her comfort zone: she flew to the Greek island of Lesbos to give music workshops to children in the region's refugee camps. A child of refugees herself, Monczak says: "A lot of kids that I've met, they're over a year here and they don't know when they will leave." Watch the video.

Karla Monterrosa

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Tell your friends you love them by making a tiny tiny zine. Artist Karla Monterrosa is showing you how to express your love using only a single sheet of white paper. Watch the video.

Kasie Campbell

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Kasie Campbell's surreal crocheted works were born from a heartfelt collaboration between mother and daughter. "For her, I will make sure that the work continues to be seen." Watch the video.

This week's Exhibitionist in Residence: Alex Roya

(Alex Roya)

Get a sneak peek at NFB short Turbine — The world's greatest love story about a man with a jet engine for a face and read an interview with its creator, Alex Boya, this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

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