Sorting through your grandparents' possessions is tough. Sydney Rose turned them into art

The artist makes collages out of the bits and pieces of an entire lifetime of fabrics and books — the possessions her grandparents left behind.

The artist makes collages out of the bits and pieces of an entire lifetime of fabrics and books

Sydney Rose. (CBC Arts)

Sydney Rose is a Sudbury-based artist who has been exploring nostalgia through stunning and surreal collages. Her "End to End" series makes use of the childhood encyclopedias she remembers using to write little research papers in elementary school.

In this video, you'll meet Rose in her hometown to get a sense of the sorts of materials we all collect as our lives go on, and how those pieces of miscellany can become the seeds of an entirely new art.

Watch the video:

Sydney Rose's surreal collages

4 years ago
Duration 3:18
Artist Sydney Rose makes collages out of the bits and pieces of an entire life of fabrics and books, the possessions her grandparents left behind.

Rose's collage work often draws on memory and nostalgia. The finished pieces don't necessarily reflect a remembered event — it's the materials themselves that conjure up old thoughts and dreams.

Rose moved back to Sudbury recently, into her grandparents' house. They had both passed away and it was the family's task to go through all of the possessions that were left. The house was crammed with all kinds of stuff (books, fabric, etc.). It was challenging for Rose's family to sort through and get rid of all of it, so she moved in to help them out. The resulting collages were borne from her attempt to make use of the shelves and shelves of books that filled the home.

(Sydney Rose)

You can see the work of Sydney Rose at Expozine Sudbury at La Fromagerie on May 12; at Makers North: The Spring Show at Laurentian University's McEwan School of Architecture in Sudbury on June 2; and at "Alone/Together," the artist's solo exhibition at Artists On Elgin in Sudbury in August 2018.

Follow Sydney Rose here.

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