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Scary Christmas! Brandon Muir answered our questions with GIFs

Brandon Muir is this week's Exhibitionist in Residence, and the Vancouver artist answered our questions with GIFs. Get to know more about him through his surreal and grotesque animated art.

It's the next best thing to a visit from Krampus

Get to know Vancouver artist Brandon Muir through his surreal and grotesque animated GIFs. He took our illustrated interview. (Brandon Muir)

Exhibitionists wants to wish you a scary Christmas, and this week's featured animations are the next best thing to a visit from Krampus. Meet Brandon Muir, our newest Exhibitionist-in-Residence. The Vancouver-based artist will be sharing a selection of his grotesque GIFs on Sunday's program — animations that look like Frankenstein monsters built from the pages of old Life magazines, or creatures from a forgotten '50s horror movie... one featuring a lot of pus-dripping flesh blobs.

I've never really seen my work as creepy.- Brandon Muir

Maybe you won't be cozying up with these things on a cold winter's night, but give these GIFs a chance and you might discover they're not really monsters, they just want to make you laugh.

"I've never really seen my work as creepy," Muir tells CBC Arts. "I'm not blind by any means to how people get creeped out by it. But it's just not creepy to me. I would rather someone smile than get spooked, but that's usually not their first reaction."

"Maybe it's not always clear within the framework of a 2-5 second loop, but I hope viewers see parts of a longer narrative in each piece," Muir says. "I know I have created my own backstories or character arcs of these GIF figures mapped within my own head while I'm working. If others do that too, that's awesome."

Get to know Muir, and his creations, a little better. The artist took our illustrated questionnaire — CBC Arts asked Muir questions, and he sent us these GIFs in response.

How do you see yourself?

What is your current state of mind?

What makes you laugh the hardest?

What is your greatest fear?

What is the last GIF you made?

Want more from Brandon Muir? Visit his website and watch Exhibitionists online or Sunday at 4:30 (5pm NT) on CBC Television.


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