Revenge of the nerds: Take a trip through Vancouver's comic book scene

Joella Cabalu and her friend Anil Sharma are two buddies on an epic quest to find out what's new and different in the geek scene.

Two buddies are on quest to find out what's new and different in the geek scene

Take a road trip through Vancouver's comic book shopping scene

5 years ago
Duration 3:53
CBC Arts correspondent Joella Cabalu and her friend Anil Sharm are going on an epic trek through Vancouver's comic book stores to find out what's new and different in the geek scene.

In what is perhaps one of the cutest friendships we've featured on CBC Arts, correspondent Joella Cabalu and her pal Anil Sharma went on a road trip that focused solely on comic book stores. Why? Because Cabalu wanted to know how the scene has evolved over the past few years and, as a self-professed geek, Sharma was the perfect guide.

Their trip took them to Tazmanian Comics in East Vancouver, a space that encourages a new generation of female readers and heroes. Next, they hit Lucky's Comics, a haunt for the arty and quirky crowd. Then they finished up at Toy Traders in Langley, an emporium of comic paraphernalia we're pretty sure you could get lost in — and not want to find your way out of.

Sharma and Cabalu found out that what might be the biggest change in the scene is the revenge of the nerds. "Now it's cool to be a geek — it really is cool," says Matthew Purdy of the 17,000 square foot Toy Traders. "If we meet someone now who's never seen Star Warswe judge them. We're like, 'What, you've never seen Star Wars?' They get picked on. That's how it's changed."

If you're looking for comics in Vancouver, you're well covered. Just make sure you've seen Star Wars.

Follow Anil Sharma here and Joella Cabalu, filmmaker of this video, here.

Joella Cabalu is a Filipino-Canadian Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker who holds an Art History degree from the University of British Columbia and is a graduate of the Documentary Film Production Program at Langara College. In 2015, Cabalu delivered her first broadcast documentary It Runs in the Family as a producer, director and writer. 

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