One year after David Bowie's death, dancer Louise Lecavalier looks back on their intense collaboration

Lecavalier danced with Bowie on stage, on tour and in his video for "Fame '90." Now, she's reflecting their partnership and what she misses most about him.

"He was challenging, and he made life exciting"

One year after David Bowie's death, Louise Lecavalier reflects on their dance partnership

5 years ago
Lecavalier looks back at her creative partnership with Bowie, and what she loved about dancing with him. 2:10

One year ago today, David Bowie passed away. It was an incredible loss for his family, his fans and his many collaborators — one of whom was Canadian dance icon Louise Lecavalier.

Bowie saw Édouard Lock's company La La La Human Steps perform in the 1980s, and he came looking for them to join him on his Glass Spiders Tour. The timing was not good then, but Lock went on to conceive and direct Bowie's Sound and Vision Tour in 1990, with Lecavalier and Donald Weikert joining him in several cities, including New York and Los Angeles. Lecavalier also danced with Bowie in his "Fame '90" video (fun fact: the video was directed by Gus Van Sant).

In the above video by Ashley Duong, Lecavalier looks back on what she loved about dancing with Bowie, and what she misses about him today.

Ashley Duong is a Montreal-based filmmaker and multimedia storyteller. Currently, she is working on Land and Legends, an interactive web project about the connection between the landscapes and myths of the Kelabit. See her other work for CBC Arts here and here.

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