On the Season 4 premiere of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, we unravel the art of evolution

This week: a 22-storey mural by street art star Okuda, a mysterious Sasquatch from another dimension and delicate ceramics with barnacles growing on them.

A 22-storey mural, a Sasquatch from another dimension and delicate ceramics with barnacles on them

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Welcome to a new season of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists! Canada is overflowing with super talented people and we're here to bring you art that will have your imagination feeling like it's on fire. Today we take a deep dive into evolution.

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A 22-storey mural by street art star Okuda, a mysterious Sasquatch from another dimension, and delicate ceramics with barnacles growing on them. Watch art evolve in our season 4 premiere. 1:25

Evolution is a subject that's been studied, debated and obsessed over for generations. But we're not doing a deep-dive into Darwin, or dismantling the racism of eugenics theory — although that would be interesting. This week we're looking at art that explores how something simple can evolve into something complex. Check out the stories you'll see in the episode below and stream the full episode now.

Greg Allen

We found the Sasquatch! And he's a melancholy interdimensional environmentalist. Regina artist Greg Allen brings the mysterious creature to life in Saskatchewan in his paintings.​ Watch the video.

Susannah Montague

Letting barnacles grow on her work is the key to sculptor Susannah Montague's ethereal creations. She submerges her new ceramic pieces in crab traps in the ocean and lets nature do its thing. Watch the video.


Go up the side of Toronto's giant new 23-storey mural with its creator, Spanish artist Okuda. His believes both art and cities should be for everyone, and his vibrant public works promote that message. Watch the video. 

Brian Solomon

Contemporary Indigenous dancer Brian Solomon leads us through a meditation to think more consciously about the way in which our bodies connect us to the earth. By focusing on our feet and how they respond to the ground beneath them, he teaches us a softer way move through the world. Watch the video.

Pacita Labayen Aliermo

(CBC Arts)

Pacita Labayen Aliermo makes devotional artwork out of something you might not usually find beautiful: junk mail. Her granddaughter April has mounted over 800 pieces of the "Jesus Loves You" collages. Watch the video.

This week's Exhibitionist in Residence: Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand

Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand is the first Exhibitionist in Residence with her short film "Ultra." Grab a seat, and here's hoping you have better luck getting your butt in your chair than the bendy lady on screen. Watch clips from 'Ultra' and read our interview with Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand.

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