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Norm Macdonald wants the Shroud of Turin, just because

When comedian Norm Macdonald sat down with CBC Arts for a Cultural Speedround, we definitely didn't expect some of his answers. But we DID get to hear him admit that Burt Reynolds was his favourite impression (as it should be).

CSAs host answers Cultural Speedround questions with dry, edgy humour

Comedian Norm Macdonald talks religious relics in a Cultural Speedround

5 years ago
Comedian Norm Macdonald keeps a (mostly) straight face while he cracks up the CBC Arts team in another installment of Cultural Speedround 1:46

It is impossible to plot comedian Norm Macdonald's route through a Cultural Speedround. He's deadpan, dry to the point where you think he might just be getting annoyed with the questions, until he lateral thinks his way into the most surprising of answers. After all, this is old hat for him — he was the host of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, he was the highlight of the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget and he just singlehandedly renamed the Canadian Screen Awards "the Candys" — it caught on, and the CSAs may never be the same.

CBC Arts grabbed a few precious minutes with Macdonald during dress rehearsals for the ceremony.

You can catch Macdonald performing on April 2 at the Chrysler Theatre in Windsor; on April 14 at The Community Auditorium in Thunder Bay (with guest Kevin Nealon); and on April 15 at Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg (also with Nealon). Check Macdonald's website for tickets.

And watch Exhibitionists Sundays at 4:30pm (5 NT) on CBC.


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