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Montreal artist Martine Frossard answered our interview questions — with drawings

Sometimes the best way to get to know someone is through their art. In this case, we mean that literally. Martine Frossard, this week's Exhibitionist in Residence, drew her responses to our interview questions. Who does she wish she could be — and what's her favourite place in Montreal? Take a look.

Montreal's Martine Frossard draws a lot of things, but never a blank

A still image from Thirty Masks, an animated short by Montreal's Martine Frossard. (Martine Frossard)

Who is Martine Frossard? That's a big question — and one of the central themes of her art. Raised in France and now based in Montreal, Frossard is a multi-disciplinary artist, and whether she's working with pencil, collage or animation, her creations often explore the search for identity. Splicing architectural shapes with the architecture of the human body, her portraits suggest dreamlike transformations, something you'll see Sunday when her short films — including this one, Thirty Masks — appear on Exhibitionists.

So, back to that original question. You'll find a few answers through Frossard's art — and that's why this is a different sort of Q&A.

CBC Arts asked her questions. Here's what she drew in response.

How do you see yourself?

(Martine Frossard)

What are your greatest sources of inspiration?

(Martine Frossard)

What's your favourite place in Montreal?

(Martine Frossard)

If not yourself, who would you be?

(Martine Frossard)

What's the last thing you drew in your sketchbook?

(Martine Frossard)

Want more from Martine Frossard? Visit her website, and watch Exhibitionists online or Sunday at 4:30 (5pm NT) on CBC Television.


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